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World Type- Swamp
Name- Shamblers
Summary – ½ sentient plant, ½ cyborg, 100% awesome.
Physiology and Psychology – Physically weak, this fern-like species developed an advance technology. Their frail bodies made conflict, accidents, and daily life dangerous. As they devolved their scientific understanding they began to graft robotics onto themselves and became a formidable military force as well as scientifically advanced.
Social Structure – An economic-cast system lead by scientists, artists, and philosophers developed surrounding the types of cybernetic upgrades a family could afford to graft. Military and labor suits were “subsidized” by the various governments for those that could not afford scientific upgrades and implants. (Helping with computation, resisting radiation, storing information, and so on.)

Homeworld – Win Taurn

History & reason for leaving the home planet – Pride in their own advancement and achievement, as well as a bit of arrogance, have sent the Shambler on an escapade of conquest and discovery. The Shambler are excited by the prospects and knowledge that the galaxy may hold and now they finally have a military competent enough to protect their scientific advancement.

Race Attributes – Explores and scientists, they have excellent technological advancement. Their military cast is capable of defending their interests. They are, however, overly reliant on technology and inexperienced in the arts of war and strategy. They hesitate when they should strike.

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