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A race of vulcanic birds with late medieval technology. They act as a united
swarm like tribal civilization circling their inferno world of which the other side
is always baking too long in the sun making it incredibly hot. They have migrated
around their homeworld for hundreds of thousands of years actually having built
massive stone cities with huge tunnels and caverns in the mountains during their
migrations. These residences are always left behind "when the destroyer god
(sun) rises" as the Lintukoto say. After decades the Lintukoto are able to return
to their cities which are no longer under the sun.

Their main prey is the Elukka, a gazelle like creature that gains its energy from
vulcanic heat and eating earth minerals. They too run away from the scorching
sun along with the Lintukoto.

Living on the dark side of the planet of course evolutionary produces darkvision
for all creatures involved. To them this is perfectly normal way of seeing of course.


Inferno world, a world that rotates too slowly making the sunside of the planet
incredibly hot and unlivable. This means that in order to survive you have to
constantly migrate to the cooler side of the planet.

Reason for not leaving

Their migrations do not allow them to develop an industrial economy, though
they are otherwise intelligent enough for it.

Physical description

Featherless birds 2 meters tall and totally black allowing them to attack the
Elukka from the black night sky undetected. The planet is absent of water so
instead they consume other gases to allow bodily functions to work.

Social structure

They are all one big family of migrating birds. They are a hierarchical matriarchy.
They are polyamorous. There are tribal rules and their main prey the Elukka can
only be killed in selective numbers to allow their food source to continue.


Evolved from a stupider form of flying bird. Despite their poor environment the
massive amounts of time since their intelligence was awoken has allowed them
to perfect their technology extremely slowly. They know the skill of metalworking,
architecture even. Information is stored in stone tablets, which are not carried
around but always left into colonies which are abandoned as the temperatures
start to increase. They are systematically developing higher technologies, but
the process is extremely slow due to inability to build a stable industrial civilization.

Race attributes

Umm, intelligent, feudal, fast reproduction


Lintukoto is a place in Finnish mythology. It was supposedly the place where birds
migrated, far far in the end of the world.

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