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A very aggressive octopussy like intelligent marine race that is waging a 34
millenia old global factional war beneath the waves of their homeworld. Their
race has been in fact in war with each other since its inception. They have a
preindustrial technology, with crude underwater metalworking skills, use oil as
a fuel for their (sea based) bomber ships and submarines.

While in battle their army is singing like an underwater chorus filled with coded
communications supplying information about a battle. The Iku-Turso singing can
reach hundreds of kilometers in the sea.

Their main prey fish is the Namu which they hunt in great deal. The Namu grow
to large numbers in a short amount of time allowing for large numbers of the
Iku-Turso to exist.


An ocean world, very little landmass, all of it unused by the Iku-Turso.

Reason for not leaving

This race evolved beneath the waves choreagrapically hunting large swarms
of other fish, making their hunting packs extremely efficient in coordinating large
scale operations. As the Iku-Turso grew in numbers, these hunting operations
grew more complex, evolutionarily advancing their race.

Their hunting nature and their strategic thinking viewpoint makes them suspicious
of other factions intentions, always creating a theory of the other factions invasion
strategy. Usually they consider attack the best defense strategically, so peace is
not really an option most of the time, and strategically peace just means preparing
for war for this hunter race.

No single faction has ever been able to conquer the other factions since the 34
millenia old war. Due to their high strategic intelligence, a group of smaller factions
will always form a coalition inhibiting anyone from taking over. This underwater
chess game plays perfectly every time and a power balance is always maintained.

This species is genetically truly frightening from
a militaristic viewpoint.

Physical description

Large octopussies, averagely 15 meter tall, they look a little like some of the
old ones in the Lovercraftian mythology. Their large eyes are black as coal.

Social structure

Very clan based, nationalistic. They are pretty much equal, since evolutionarily
they are evolved to work communally in unison, synergistically. They view
bureaucracy as a hinderment to unspoken perfection that is in the very core of
they souls. They are constantly singing in the sea, so they are constantly in
communaction with everybody within several hundred kilometers. They are kinda
constantly logged onto their version of the facebook.


They evolved into their intelligent form sometime 34 thousand years ago, split
into factions and have been been in a factional conflict ever since. 26 thousand
years ago a member of one faction invented crude metalworking and the use of
fuel as an energy source. Initially this invention lead that specific race to conquer
much of the other factions, but was quickly defeated because EVERYBODY allied
against them and defeat them. Inevitably this however lead to universal industrialization
of the Iku-Turso race. The one who invented fire is still sung about beneath the waves,
he is their version of Alexander the Great.

Race Attributes

Im not so familiar with freeorion attributes, but their intelligence and attack defence
are very high, their form of government is something like the unification.


Iku-Turso is a malevolent sea monster in the Finnish mythology. I dont know if thats
a rule violation, but I view it as a nice easter egg to some Scandinavian players.

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Re: Iku-Turso

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Bigjoe5 approves.
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Re: Iku-Turso

#3 Post by eleazar » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:43 pm

Triane wrote:Race Attributes

Im not so familiar with freeorion attributes, but their intelligence and attack defence
are very high, their form of government is something like the unification.
Don't worry about that, the attributes we have are very likely to change, as the game develops.
The main thing is to write a species with lots of character and personality, so that it will be easy to see what bonuses and attributes (from whatever final list) would go along with them.

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