Raaagh (planet-bound)

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Raaagh (planet-bound)

#1 Post by eleazar » Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:51 am

Highly territorial felinoids.

+++ defense
+ rapid population growth
- terrible industry
-- cannot produce science

The Raaagh are 1.5 meter tall stripe-furred bipeds. The body is held leaning forward at 45 degrees, leaving the fanged jaws, and clawed arms free to fight, build or capture prey. Triangular ears and slit pupils give a cat-like appearance. The tiny young hatch from a clutch of a dozen eggs at once. Little care or attention is paid to the young at this stage-- they must survive on their own competing against their siblings for hiding places and stealing food like vermin. After three years usually only one is left, and the surviving young begin to learn to speak. This suddenly activates parental instincts, and the survivor is carefully raised as a member of the Pride.

Extreme territoriality is the Raaagh's most distinctive trait- woven throughout their daily lives and culture. Related to that is a preference for the familiar and known. Curiosity is minimal, which probably explains their stone age technology.

The Raaagh homeworld is of the Terran type. Sea and land are more or less evenly spread out, with the largest continent coverly only 4% of planet's surface. The many small continents and large islands encourage a territorial attitude.

Reason for Staying:
There's not bit of land big enough for an individual Raaagh to live on that hasn't been fought over for centuries. The genetic compulsion of a Raaagh is to guard his territory with his life, and when possible to expand into adjacent land. Abandoning one's territory is inconcievable, and a Raaagh forcibly removed from his territory goes violently insane.

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