Maurin((Sea creatures))

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Maurin((Sea creatures))

#1 Post by Gem Hound » Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:31 am

How about a new aquatic species? I just went through the Pedia and couldn't find one.
So, why not have one?
Species Name - Maurin

Summary - An aquatic telepathic organism that eats plants.

Homeworld - Their homeworld is an Ocean Planet. It has a variety of aquatic wildlife that are not afraid of the Maurin which are herbivores. The water is heavily oxidized and is at a stable temperature of 19 degrees Celcius. The oceans have a high concentration of iron attached to each water molecule. The Ocean world is also heavily abundant in life. The water is not blue but a little rustish because the planet it's self is a large ball of iron covered with water.

A reason for leaving the home planet - This species is xenophobic. Though, if pressured by population, they will colonize other worlds.

Physical description -
ImageUploaded with
Covered "head to toe" in scales

Social Structure - They treat each other equally and had only one predator which was on their homeworld. They do not truly have a government as their minds are conjoined into a collective limited to the planet they are on.

History - Long before the rise of the Orions, the Maurin were merely a predated non-sentient species. Over the many many years, they eventually began to move in packs and began to speak to eachother telepathically to protect themselves from their Yondin Predators. This telepathic link between the individual Maurin in packs grew and eventually the entire species became telepathically linked. This was when the first glimmers of intelligence began. The Orions came to their homeworld and laughed at the crude spears made of bone they had fashioned to defend themselves against the Yondin.

Soon after, a Maurin explorer found a deposit of an unknown resource. He swam into it and it continuosly became harder and harder to swim until he became stuck. He called out telepathically for help and several Maurin came to help him. They eventually got him out and a group of wisemen were sent to the "cavern" to figure out what was going on. They concluded that there was solid water on the opposite side of the cavern. One was lost in the process but gave his life to it's discovery. He thought he was going to reach the other side of the cavern when he suddenly hit a solid wall of the clear substance and tried to chip it. It flaked away one flake per hit. The wiseman did his best to crack the substance but was unsuccessful. After a couple of days, in the name of research, he tasted it and it tasted like water. He concluded that it had been created somehow by compacting water into that one little area.

Later it was confirmed that the water had metal in it and the one wall was magnetic. So, the age of settlement began on the homeworld of the Maurin using water with high concentrations of iron in it to build structures. This water would be formed into shape using rare earth magnets. This led to oval shaped bubbles on the Ocean floor being that main buildings of the Maurin until they reached the ability to create life in a lab.

Eventually, after many years of grueling attrition, the Maurin outsmarted the last of the Yondin using tactics and strategy. They began to test out grow their own different species-in-a-jar and eventually became successful. They formed a permanent society out of organic materials after that.

By the time the Orions returned, the Maurin were an advanced planet-locked species. The Orions showed their wondrous technologies to the Maurin and the Maurin agreed to use them. When this happened, the Orions were already looking for a way to take themselves to higher plane of existence. The Maurin never received any of the promised technology and felt betrayed by the Orions. This betrayal, their only contact to other intelligent life, forced the Maurin to look upon the galaxy with disgust. I the owners of the galaxy were like this, what would the other species be like? They generally agreed that they would be like the Orions and after that, cut themselves off from the rest of the galaxy.

After many years, the Maurin homeworld began to become crowded. They tried many different methods to make the population stagnate but failed miserably. The only choice was to reenter space and search for more planets to colonize. The first prototypes were finished when the Great Cataclysm occurred throughout the galaxy. The Maurin were not hurt by it and were now equal with the unknown species in the galaxy.

Race Attributes - ++ food production, + science, - Mining, - Production
No vocal chords, communication is completely through thought.

Environmental Preferences:
Swamp: Adequate
Toxic: Poor
Inferno: Hostile
Radiated: Hostile
Barren: Hostile
Tundra: Hostile
Desert: Poor
Terran: Adequate
Ocean: Good
Asteroids: Uninhabitable
Gas Giant: Uninhabitable
((Changed it so it could go into the model))

Reasons behind this: I was looking through the pedia and didn't see any fish-like organisms.

If I'm missing anything, just tell me. I would like to know and I'll edit it in.
They would have affinity to organic technology.

How an Aquatic Species can Become Spacefaring Without Forging Metals:
Water with high concentrations of iron could possibly be formed into shapes using magnetism. ((Anything underwater could be, if calculated perfectly and given a steady supply of little fragments of metal))
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Re: Maurin((Sea creatures))

#2 Post by Gem Hound » Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:45 am

Ooh ooh ooh! I just had a brainwave of how they could become a space-faring species!
Edit: Editted in.

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