Decaying empire scenario

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Decaying empire scenario

#1 Post by Aussie Mick » Thu May 13, 2010 5:57 am

Optional scenario: A big space empire players being both provincial governors and "barbarian" races - both of whom want to revolt. Send out unauthorised probes and colonise and conquer to expand the wealth and power of your province. Try to make sure when the Emporer finds out you've been doing that you can fight off the ships he sends to take you back for a treason trial*. As a "barbarian race" expand and be ready to grab pieces off the empire during the inevitable civil wars. It helps to know when these are going to occur so by all means talk to the provincial governors about how good they'd look in purple. Intrigue and spying? Slanderous politically motivated accusations of treason? At the Imperial court? Only in days with a "y" in them.

Victory points for conquering empire planets, resisting attacks from the current emporer, being the current emporer, and diverting empire funds to build your own luxury residence taking up half a city.

* Option, agree to attend said treason trial, which will be decided by Spying/Intrigue rolls, bribery and the ambitions of ruthless court reptiles. It could work and if it doesn't the player takes a hit of victory points and some other stuff and starts again with a new governor.

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