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i generally created this thread because I think this race won't be even considered due to the fact that a few game concepts have to be changed to allow it (and also i can't seem to find the race thread)

Glowians (its been a personal fancy of mine for a long time)
· Note: A protoplanetary disk is the disk of dust that surrounds a star when it’s forming.

· Intro:
-Race strange and sadist towards others, reliant on focus. Can influence
universal constants, quantum mechanics, and the “other”. I wanted a race with
abilities but not simple production/performance rates.

· Description:
Dissection report:
S106/107 lab.

It is unconfirmed but it seems that Glowians can will their physical selves,
thus having no actual norm description. Every Glowian however does have a
similar processing cortex near its highest region of body heat. The Glowian body
seems to be composed of matter from the star system CRL 2688, which has
unusual properties. The Glowian body mass is composed of moles (a measurement
of the number of atoms) that is identical to the elements of the norm but lighter?
Further analysis is needed but the body decays into simple “light” matter as the
host dies, the body needs to be kept at 1.033* 10-11 Calvin to preserve it for
further analysis.

Lab Director Mike Wien

· History:
The Glowians originated from the star system CRL 2688; a young star still
forming with the protoplanetary disk intact. The first recorded instance of the
Glowians was Azthoph, Ssethiss, and “IT”. From the remnants of Azthoph and
Ssethiss’ journals and notes it appears that they woke up “knowing” but not
“knowing”, they knew knowledge, they recalled “how” but the cannot recall “who”
or “why”. They had extensive knowledge of technology, but none of history,
culture, or how. From the maze that they awoke in, they could see the hostile
barren landscape outside, they knew the maze protected them and nourished
them from the landscape, but they knew it also imprisoned them. The maze in
Azthoph’s journal maze seemed conscious, while the maze fail to be even
mentioned in Ssethiss’ journal.

There were also references to this “IT”, this “IT” that appeared seldomly.
It looked like Azthoph and Ssethiss but they knew “IT” was different, “IT” knew
the maze, “IT” knew “who”, “IT” knew “why”, and it knew “more”. “IT” would
elude all of Azthoph and Ssethiss’ attempts to find “IT”, and “IT” would only stare
when “IT” visited them.

In Ssethiss’ journal eight months after the awakening, Ssethiss saw a
Glowian outside the maze; this intrigued Ssethiss and Ssethiss set off to observe
the Glowian. The Glowian had features similar to Ssethiss, but more primal,
behaving like an animal. As Ssethiss observed Ssethiss began to fell a smoothing
familiar feeling building, but the text then started trailing off and becoming fainter:
this was Ssethiss last recording. Azthoph stated that Ssethiss was found alive
but asleep, and so Azthoph watched over Ssethiss for several days; until the
ninth day when “IT” came and took Ssethiss. However, it did stop to “touch”
Azthoph who feel unconscious, when Azthoph awoke her eyes flickered like she
was barely holding on to life, but when she opened them, she knew she was more,
she knew “why” and ”who”. Her eyes were the sheen of the protoplanetary disk.

Now, 15 centuries later this is all she would let others ”know”, the other
Glowians were all raised by her disciples who were in turn be raised by her; she is
realism since they all “believe” her, she has become more than physical, the
conviction in her is so strong that she has become “more”.

· Social Structure:

The society is democratic and free-market, however everyone agrees with
Azthoph; so there is no choice as everyone chooses only one choice. The society
was raised fascist with an intense hate of foreigners and a belief in Glowian
superiority over others. The weak in belief are often unmade and forgotten, this
also works in reverse as cases of the dead reappearing in their familiar surrounds
have been verified. The society function rather normally but no one kills, steals, or
commits crimes against the society.

· Homeworld:

The Glowian homeworld is the 6th planet located in the star system CRL
2688, it has no atmosphere as the protoplanetary disk erodes tirelessly at the
planet. The homeworld is composed of identical elements found in the known
universe but somehow “lighter” due to a difference in universal constants. The
Glowians have managed to “believe” the planet into a vibrant green world 11
centuries ago and seem to be able to control matter in the star system.

· Race specs:

Neutral -Massacre of other sentinel beings temporarily boosts morale and allows for in
space combat and ground combat (it’ll be exponential so they’ll be weak early but
strong late in the game (unless they started out with big fleet battles)). Therefore
if the enemy losses a lot of troops the Glowians would be stronger, however the
same applies to Glowian troops (the Glowians would be weaker).

Neutral -Ships often carry prisoner of war for morale boost.

Neutral -Has a fascist society, intensely xenophobic. Rarely any traitors but very little
expertise spying on other races either due to simple hate and lack of
understanding about foreign cultures. Treaties are hard to make and keep due to
abuse by Glowians who don’t consider honor with aliens honorable. Internal
economy is intense and robust due to nationalistic fever.

Neutral –Glowians can concentrate focus onto select Glowian troops, boosting the
capabilities of a small part of a fleet while reducing/nullifying the rest of the fleet.
This is good for instances when flexibility is concerned or a part of the fleet is idle
or in transit to battle. However this exaggerates damage taken to the minds of
the Glowians

Positive- Matter is more chaotic on the Glowian Homeworld due to more volatile quarks
and a strangely lower gravitational constant, so Glowians can warp matter
through their belief. This constitutes an unusual ability to keep the Homeworld
safe as long in a protective protoplanetary disk barrier as long as the Glowians
believed and the protoplanetary disk is intact.

whoa 2 hours!

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