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originally posted by Sandlapper
Tue Nov 18, 2003

My second race offering,

The Norwana (Nor-wah-na)

The Norwana, an aquatic species from the system Tiennafarina. Half octypus, half starfish in appearence, with five muscular, yet dexterious appendages. The species began as a typical sea floor dweller, content among the reefs of the great ocean world. One day, eons ago, a "school" of Norwana in the Bay of Shuma, discovered a new, and completely unexpected food source. The fruit of a Lorumba tree, among a grove thereof, was shedding it's fruit over a cliff into the surf below. The school of Norwana sampled the fruit and found it EXTEREMELY desirable. Way above and beyond any food source ever sampled before. However, this location was the only place known to provide this new deliccasy. When the fruit was in season, there would be considerable fighting among the Norwana to collect the next morsel to fall from the tree. In a few generations time, some Norwana "learned" to climb onto the rocks and a small crescent of a beach, to get at more fruit. Thus the first synaptic connections were being formed, enroute to sentience. The first Norwana to venture onshore, soon discovered that the non-ocean parts of their world held new dangers. A rarely seen wild land borne species, a Tinvurda, apparently liked Lorumba fruit also, AND happened to be a carnivore(think grizzly bear snatching salmon out of a river). Many Norwana died for generations until they "learned" to create weapons and defenses against Tinvurda.

Assending to sentience, the Norwana eventually devoloped a caste of leaders, either by strength or politics , for those able to secure more Lorumba fruit than others. This caste soon became a monarchy, which sought to enlighten all the Norwana in all the oceans, and make them subjects of the ruling Bay of Shuma Norwana.

Soon society and technology prospered. The Norwana soon developed the ability to propagate the Lorumba fruit enmasse, on underwater laboratory farms. The Lorumba grove at the Bay of Shuma, bacame a shrine to all Norwnana, and was exalted and visited by Norwana from all over the world.

Just experiencing their industrial age, the Norwana fell victim to what would later be known as "The Great Murder at Shamu". On that fateful day, just before sunrise, scientists of the Norwana were alarmed to see what appeared to be great explosions and beams of light in the upper atmosphere of their planet. Soon distant objects in motion were descernable. The scientist informed their leaders, that there appeared to be a battle ensueing in outer space, and since the Norwana had not yet invented spaceflight, they were now not the only sentient race known. About two hours later,a large ship swooped toward the planet surface, followed by three smaller ships firing upon it. The Norwana's recently invented photography, recorded the event for all posterity. Near the Bay of Shuma, the large vessel unleashed several kilotons of conventional and biological weapons. The Lorumba grove shrine and everthing near it vaporized, the biological weapons instantly and fatally poisoned the sea nearby. The large ship of race x(to be determined as races are assigned to game) reaching back for outerspace, fails and is shot down by the ships of race y(to be determined).

Soon other ships of race y arrive and start deploying antidotes to the enviroment. The Norwana race survives as a result of the antidote, but over two billion Norwana die before it is administered, including the ENTIRE monarchy and school at the "Bay of Shuma". First contact is made with race Y, it is learned they are from one system over, and are at war with race X. Race Y's homeworld is also an ocean world, although they are land borne. The Norwana are entralled to discover that race Y's homeworld has a natural wonder, the Great Tembari Barrier Reef. This reef is over 150 times bigger than any on their homeworld. Such wonders the galaxy has in store for them!

But first things first, there are over two billion Norwana and the shrine at Shamu to be avenged. Race x will pay dearly for their crime.
The Norwana find the wreckage of the bomber, and start exstensive reverse engineering from it. Ten grueling years later a prototype ship is successfully flown, two years later ten "Shuma" class ships are ready.

The fleet successfully enters race Y's system. The Norwana inform race Y they are ready to fight by their side against race x. Race Y is stunned at the ability of the Norwana to create a fleet so quickly! Regetfully they inform the Norwana that a truce exists, and no fighting has occurred in three years, since race Y lost three colony worlds.

Well there is no truce with the Norwana, race x will pay for their crimes. If you have any intel you could provide, we will return your colonies once we are victorious, considering the aid you gave us twelve years ago. Ohh, and while your're putting your intel together, would you mind if we swimmed on this Great Tembari Barrier Reef of yours?....!

Weaknesses: Terrible land fighters, until some type exo-skeleton is invented. Require ocean type worlds to be effective. Slow birth rate.

Strengths: Excellent ocean and space fighters, have a hit and run mentality, like to attack\defend like a school of fish. Able to develope tech on land and in sea effectively.

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