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Originally posted by Miu
Wed Aug 27, 2003

Ok, this one has similar specs to some of the races already suggested, but here goes anyway. It was originally designed for 3d-spaceshooter project of mine that never got off from planning stages, but I think the idea might be usable in game of this genre as well.

Race: Lien [Li-een]

Inro: Lien’s are a peaceful, patient and filosophical race habiting asteroid fields and planets with stratosphere ring. They are adjusted to live in zero-airpressure, they eat mainly minerals from asteroids and few molds that are adjusted to grow on asteroids and from power they get from, solar cells. They are very individualistic and seek personal growth/enlightenment.

Outlook: See crappy concept sketch at
Liens combine form modifiable parts/cells that they can grown. Each unit has a conscious brain-cell and then selected parts to allow it to perform required tasks.. (part for moving/thrusting, solar-cell, part for grapping/manipulating objects, parts for long distance communication) Liens can combine with each others, and for example, a lien council is a huge ball of combined braincells. They communicate either by touching each other, or by “morse code”, flashing lights towards each other. Lien’s have a very good sight and can see these codes from ten thousands miles apart.

History: Lien race evolved on outer levels of a small sized gasplanet with huge stratosphere ring. There was a simple ecosystem consisting of Liens and predators living deeper in gas giant, and generation by generation Liens race started to live higher in atmosphere, adjusting themselves to zero pressure and feeding from asteroids. Constant threat from predators had evolved liens to intellectual state and they found easier to defend themselves when working combined and learned to build strongholds from asteroids.
Centuries past, they’ve evolved in to spacefaring race with excellent biological knowledge. They grow crucial parts of their spaceships from Lien citizens and thus, each spaceship/building is considered as a conscious Lien citizen. They habit different sized asteroidfields and planets and moons with stratosphere ring.

Culture: Each Lien is an individual, going trough different phases of their lifespan . There are strong traditions, one of the most important one is the long fly, where young Lien leaves known areas of space alone and spend few decades wandering and meditating in unknown space. After the long fly comes the mating period, and when that is past, they usually adjust themselves to good use of society and are modified to core parts of spaceship/buildings/what ever is needed. Liens have two genders, though they can change their current gender in process that takes up to 2 years. When mating, they usually spend whole of their life with same partner and usually when decided to adjust to a useful part of society, partners combine themselves. They breed very rarely and have only one kid at the time, and after kid has grown adult and left the nest, parents usually spend a decade after making another one. Average lifespan of one Lien unit is around 500 years, but some of the cells in older cities are few thousands of years old. The race is peaceful and seeks co-existence with other races, their aims in life are about common good, personal growth, art, and science. They appreciate life as it is and try to avoid unneeded suffering whenever possible. They are curious about other races and their philosophies, and like storing the information. Lien museums and libraries are known trough the galaxy as unlimited source of information for historians and researchers.

Race specs:
Excellent science
Habitable areas: asteroid belts, planets with very low gravity
Excellent spacefight -evasion/defence
Good diplomacy

Poor ground combat
Low population growth
Poor farming

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