The Anansi

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The Anansi

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The Anansi
Roughly humanoid in appearance, typically sporting long manes of luxuriant hair with mustaches and beards common among males. They are larger than humans, standing around eight feet (2.6 to 2.8 meters) tall and weighing around five hundred pounds ( 180 Kilos ). They alt so have a vaguely reptilian appearance. They have a extremely tough and strong physique due to the high gravity and unstable weather of their homeworld. As a scientifically and technologically advanced militaristic race they are aggressive when provoked,they will not hesitate to use a violent method if it will achieve their goals. They are also shown to care deeply about their family and race.
As superb warriors, and space pilots, and traders they are both admired and feared.

They often employ shock troops that go in to a berserker state during close combat, and it boosts their strength and cause them to merciless kill everything living that gets in their way, and under that state they feel no pain or fear. Their warrior culture has the belief that if you are killed during battle you get to go to a great hall, to join a everlasting party. This makes them unafraid of death.

The Anansi civilization was in the midst of its medieval feudal period when a star-faring species landed and made stealthy First Contact. They were interstellar merchants looking for a species they could use as mercenaries. Once the they had taught the Anansi how to use high technology weapons and other devices including spacecraft, the Anansi rebelled and made their former employers/masters into slaves, as well as the occasional meal. Anansi society is male-dominated. The leader of the race is called the Patriarch, which is a hereditary title. The Anansi call themselves "Heroes" or the "Heroes Race" and because they believe themselves to be "heroes", their society places a very high value on "acting Heroic" and behaving in a heroic fashion.

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