Rewritten vishganian race topic

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Rewritten vishganian race topic

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vishganian intro
The vishganian race has came from a different galaxy which they called Lovuron or in vishganian "the huge maze" and were unique in how they traveled they used Plasma shot gates to travel through space and eventually mastered this technology until it was virtually risk free to use but there were obstacles the first to use plasma shot gates went a quarter way through a planet and died instantly this meant it was very dangerous to use if not carefully planned through the use of M.S.O.T (Mid Space Observation Posts) and are watched 24 7 because casualties are wanted kept at a minimum one time due to miscalculations a large naval cruiser crashed in the middle of a city colony and the whole colony was destroyed due to the massive planet explosion because the ships reactor reached the core and exploded. This race began to rise vastly and expanded to almost a quarter of their galaxy and they were very and always motivated to conquer universe and share their knowledge and help other races in need. But there helping could have brought them down but what brought them out into the other universe of where the orions once lived was something worse than anything else they could have imagined hit them...

And thats my intro tomorrow i'm gonna have more hope you like it so far :D Edit: i meant galaxy of the orions.
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