Trancedence vs Singularity

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Re: Trancedence vs Singularity

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SowerCleaver wrote:2. Singularity (good ole' tech victory)
Sorry for interposing a realism-based criticism, but I always find a total transmution of a race into a different lifeform (as I understand what singularity is) somewhat tortured concept. There must be many, if not all, individuals of a race resisting such total transmution. For example, if a new tech that allows downloading of human mind into computer system (but killing off the human body in the process) right now, would you make the choice? Or how many % of human population do you think would make the choice within reasonable time period? With anything short of global governmental coercion, I don't think such transmution will be spontaneously adopted by individuals in any meaningful time. In terms of game mechanics, maybe this point can be translated into a requirement to force your citizens into the transmuted state, during which period you will continue to lose pop and be faced with severe revolt and morale problems.
Robbie.Price wrote:A few quick (i swear) points as to why, and a small suggestion.

1. Having a neighboring empire vanish into a puff of smoke, (probably leaving planets/some infrastructure intact) would make for a SUPER cool late game planet rush, pot marking the planets left behind with tech bonuses, and pre-built infrastructure, and other bonuses. This late game rush would be HIGHLY destabilizing for all the races left behind. A real good late game shaker upper.

2. It allows multiple victory paths to be used in the same game, One team trans's out and in the wake another dominates what remains. both 'win', but different ways and on different teams.

3. It makes it so that Trans'ing races are not directly competing with each other. One thing about the enlightenment it usually comes hand in hand with empathy, peace mongering. The idea that two races working towards transcendence wouldn't be actively trying to thwart one another . . . is difficult to envision, for me.
Ok, I really like this take on the transcendence victory. I actually have a few thoughts on specifics.
  • Natives: all native homeworlds get the "high technology" special applied to them, and their populations rest to 1.
  • Gaias: all colony plants with the gaia special spawn a sentinel (or appropriate ship). The same with your homeworld/capital planet. Extra if that planet also had the gaia special.
  • Colonies: all colonies are removed. Those on plants without the gaia special get the ruins special applied to them. The same with your homeworld/capital planet.
  • Shipyards: planets with shipyards get the derelict special applied to them.
This makes the leftovers an especially juicy-grab. It also makes you become the new "precursor" civilization if you achieve this victory.

It also leaves behind some who, for whatever reason, choose not to transcend which itself only adds to potential goodies for the remaining players. It also means that your former capital/homeworld is an especially challenging and juicy grab, especially with the chance of ancient ruins and a gaia.
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