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Here's a idea:

Trapper terror:
Creatures that don't register on any scanners that look for lifesigns. All terror trappers have a large amorphous body with a huge mouth and dozens of tentacles to pull in its victims. Terror trappers can also telepathicly send subtle hints on where people need to go (which is usually the feeding area).

The trapper terrors feed on various lifeforms, some stories say that they suck out the souls of whatever they can find. The trappers usually operate by settling inside derelict ships or abandoned cities, anything that will attract scavengers or explorers. It is unknown how the terror trappers come to settle in these places, but they seem to have a way to find secluded areas and always operate alone.

A scoutship could find a derelict ship with a trapper in it. The crew of the scoutship could investigate the derelict ship to recover its technology. However inside the derelict they could get killed by the trapper. Or alternately, the trapper could be killed if the crew is well armed or is naturally more powerful then the trapper. Defeating a trapper will give you access to new technologies for example.
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Re: Hostile lifeform list

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The Moss: (needs a name)

The Moss is a rapidly growing plant that thrives in Terran, Ocean, Swamp and Toixc environments. It spreads rapidly through airborne spores and as such typically comes back from extermination. The Moss is capable of growing on most surfaces, metals, plastics and flesh and typically eats whatever its growing on painfully however its easy enough to remove so while dangerous most victims survive.

The Moss lives as a sentient telepathic unimind, however their telepathic range is limited so multiple separate uniminds can develop, an ocean is often a large enough gap.

Personality wise The Moss is extremely polite and helpful, they'll warn people not to touch them, if someone has some Moss growing on them they'll happily advise them on the safe methods to clean it off, if someone is trying to exterminate The Moss planet wide they'll even point out when they missed the spot. (Not only doesn't The Moss care about Death, it can't even comprehend the thought of it). However The Moss has no concept of secrecy of personal privacy and gossips day and night, naturally no one likes the fact their mind is constantly being read and their secrets published. (Its also very annoying if it starts gossiping at 3AM) Law enforcement however love having the ultimate informant.

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Re: Hostile lifeform list

#18 Post by Ramen4ever »

I was just thinking, what about space pirates? It sounds cheesy.. I know. But rogue factions that are a mix of multiple species only out for profit could be interesting. They would not have home worlds and would be a good excuse to send a few war ships next time you send your colony ship to any star system. The key part would be random generation. So you would not be safe just from exploring a star system 20 turns back. They're ships would advance at a certain rate, technology wise, to maintain them as a random threat.
It could also be interesting if you could hire the pirates for a random amount of money to attack another race. Kinda like the dragon in MoO II, which was out for treasure.

Another interesting hostile life form would be something along the lines of reavers. Like the ones in Serenity. I don't know what random events will be placed in FO but if virus breakouts do occur on planets, the reavers could be an interesting by-product. For example one of your colonies has a new deadly virus out break and a % of your population turn into reavers (feel free to come up with a better name if you want) If you don't find a cure then for the first 10 turns the troops on the planet battle with the reavers and after 10 turns they can a) take over your colony/planet or b) salvage some ships and leave into space becoming a plague like threat. If it's option b) then all the buildings on the infected planet would be demolished and you would have to recolonize the place. Now if the reavers did option b) and made themselves some ships then they would more or less attack random ships and colonies intending to eat people and infect whoever remains alive (a percentage of the population).

Feel free to twist and change that as you want. It's the general idea that counts.

Also .. I wouldn't mind a hostile species similar to that of the Borg from Star Trek. A race that can not be negotiated with and solely wish to just take over the entire galaxy. An interesting twist would be making it a random event, like an invasion by a species from a different galaxy altogether.

Just a few thoughts.

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