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Species :

#1 Post by afwbkbc » Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:33 pm

Summary: species with no name. So strange and mysterious it's just unbelievable. Omg.
Unknown metabolism:
- they may receive population bonuses from some resources but nobody knows for sure.
- they may be vulnerable for some bombardment weapons but there's no way to find out.
- population, industry, research, supply, defense, offence, troops and other information is replaced by "???" in UI. Once integrated into empire, total empire yields will also have question marks appended (i.e. Industry "233 + ??" and Research "58 + ??" at the top).

Research: 25-200% (varies from game to game, hidden in UI, slightly varies every turn)
Industry: 25-200% (same as above)
Planetary stealth: 50
Every ship built has "Mysterious" trait:
- this trait is only visible to you or to enemies with at least 113 detection strength
- every turn pilots species change to ones randomly chosen from your empire (i.e. first turn its Mu Ursh, then its Acirema etc). chance of species depend on how much percent from your total population they occupy
- every turn ship's structure changes randomly, from 25% to 200% of max structure.
- every turn ship's stealth changes randomly, from 40 to 80
- every turn every ship's part changes randomly to one of originally placed parts (i.e. if you made 2-laser 2-diamond-armor robot with defence grid - your laser and diamond slots will get shuffled (i.e. it may become 4-laser or 4-armor or 3-armor 1-laser ship, internal slot will remaib same because tgere is onky one possibke component). But chance of any resultung component depends on how many occurences of this component were there originally (i.e. 3-armor 1-laser ship will have really low chances of becoming 3-laser 1-armor ship)
- ship adds any components of any ship defeated to its random pool (i.e. after defeating plasma ship it may also get plasma cannon into it slots sometines, but if it mostly destroyed mass driver ships - mass drivers will become more and more frequent in it)
Every turn planet has chance to move to adjactent system within friendly suppky (as if it used Planetary Stargate Drive but without need to change focus
Upon building ship, 2-5 copies of it are built, but you can not know for sure which are real (2-3 may be real). "Unreal" copies look like normal ships on galaxy maps but they disappear immediately upon entering combat (so you may be surprisef to find out your fleet is actualky 3 times weaker than it looks)
+300% defensive troops (species are really, really weird and unpredictable and do all kinds of crazy shit in combat)
50-300% offensive troops (different on any invasion, no way to find out earlier)
On invasion there's small chance of planet being conquered without fight, regardless of how many troops it had (they didn't even understand wtf happened), in this case planet's population is also changed to .
These species may occur on any inhabitated planet since turn 50, sometimes a new planet populated by them appears out of nowhere
Every turn there is a tiny chance of 'Extinction' galactic event.
- can't start before turn 150
- one started, it can not be stopped
- players are not notified anyhow of this event
- no more will appear on inhabitated planets in galaxy
- every turn one of planets populated with in galaxy is lost without trace, populations of all planets in this system are randomly changed (0.01 to max population). Sometimes one of planets gets random building already built (but onky if it's available for this player)
- every turn one of ships with 'Mysterious' trait disappears


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