Building : Temporal Disruptor

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Building : Temporal Disruptor

#1 Post by afwbkbc » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:00 pm

Technology: Temporal Disruption
Prerequisites: Temporal Mechanics (iirc), maybe something else
Unlocks Temporal Disruptor building

Building: Temporal Disruptor
After building, randomly time-shifts 4-lane area around it every turn.
Any state of lane and system in this area is sometimes replaced by its state several turns ago or several turns in future.

Chance of time-shift is determined by proximity to Temporal Disruptor:
star system itself gets Temporal Anomaly on every planet but is otherwise unaffected
closest lanes and anything on 1-lane distance has 100% chance of time-shift on every turn
2 lanes distance: 50% chance
3 lanes distance: 25% chance
4 lanes distance: 10% chance

Time shift examples:
1) imagine you have 3 fresh ships on deep space, the next turn there was a combat with something and they got damaged or destroyed. The next turn it timeshifted 2 turns back - your ships are there again, undamaged (but if adjactent lane was timeshifted too - you will see enemy fleet again).
2) imagine your ships just got to deep space. The next turn it timeshifts 1 turn back and this deep space is empty (your ships are gone, lol). But the next turn this deep space timeshifts forward and your ships are back again.
3) imagine you have a planet with shipyard near enemy's temporal disruptor. You have 1 turn left to finish solar hull ship. Then next turn timeshift happens and you now need 3 turns to complete it (as it wad 2 turns ago). But you're really unlucky - another timeshift happens and you don't have solar containment hull there anymore (you still need 2 more turns to build it).
4) imagine your fleet and troops are 1 lane away from system with temporal disruptor. Timeshift happens on your lane and ships are gone - lane is empty as it was 1 turn ago. Then, timeshift happen on lane before it and lane before lane before it - and you now see 2 copies of your fleet and troops (because second lane was timeshifted 2 turns bavk and third lane 3 turns back)

Turns to timeshift are determined randomly and are influenced by distance to Temporal Disruptor.
1 lane distance - up to 10 turns
2 lane distance - up to 5 turns
3 lane distance - up to 2 turns
4 lane distance - 1 turn

time can be forward-shifted if this lane or node was back-shifted previously. then it may get back to 'present' time again. If lane or node are back-shifted - any orders and build queue changes will be dropped on forward-shift. If lane or node was in 'past' longer than it was shifted back from - the old 'present' does not exist anymore.

It's not clear whether time shifts should affect only enemies or all players, but for better balance second would be preferrable.

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