Space monster : Uuchluth

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Space monster : Uuchluth

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ancient species from another dimension, they were constructing and shaping galaxies in attempt to create paradise, but at some point of time lost their minds and began to roam aimlessly, looking for something they didn't know themselves. Time was passing and apathy turned to rage, they started searching and destroying everything that had any shape or form or order. It was at that time most of them destroyed each other. The stronger killed and consumed the weaker, gaining more strength. Most life forms were wiped out during that period, and universe became cold and empty. Remaining Uuchluth then lost their purpose of existance completely and went to deep, cold, death-like sleep that lasted for billions of years. It lasts until now. Who knows, maybe some of them are still alive?

Initial state:
starts as 'Sleeping Uuchluth' planetary bonus.
will do nothing if star system is unpopulated.
if there are populated planets in this system - every turn there will be small chance of awakening. This chance will depend on total population of star system (population with multiple empires stack), neutral natives do not count. Total research output of star system also increases chance of awakening slightly. Telepathic species on this star system increase chance moderately.

1) species of all populated planets in this star system change to Hthoggs and become neutral (can be reconquered later)
2) a space monster Uuchluth is spawned:
hull: Uuchluth Husk ( 4000HP, grows/repairs 100HP per turn, max 10000HP )
speed: 30
weapons: 16 x Uuchluth Tentacle ( 100 damage ), Uuchluth Toxin ( area-of-effect, damages every ship and fighter by 10HP every turn of combat), Evil Stare ( 1500 damage ), Hthogg Zealots ( fighters, 64 capacity, 16 launch capacity, damage 30 ), Mind Twister ( turns every non-Hthogg species in system to Hthogg and makes them neutral (can be reconquered later), Mind Desecrator (every turn of combat there is a small chance of random ship switching to Uuchluth's side, and its pilots changed to Hthoggs. such ships will remain with Uuchluth after fight and will fly along, having infinite fuel as Uuchluth will supply it)

If two Uuchluths meet - they will attack each other for 3 turns (but are immune to Evil Stare and fighters and receive only 25% damage from tentacles ) and then fly to different directions. If one of them gets killed - it will not produce Dead Uuchluth bonus but will be consumed by another instead, increasing his current structure and max structure by 10%. If they kill each other during combat (a rare case) they will produce two Dead Uuchluth bonuses if this system has at least 2 planets, otherwise just one or none.

Upon death adds "Dead Uuchluth" planetary bonus to random planet in system.
Bonus adds 15 research per population on this planet, adds 2 research per population to all research-focused planets in empire.
Bonus doubles structure of all new organic hulls produced in empire, but reduces their speed by 33%.
Player receives all organic hulls technologies
Player can build Hthogg Colony

Species : Hthogg:
+300% industry ( mindless servants of ancient religion)
+1 good pilots (zealous training)
no research
All planets : adequate, Toxic : Hostile
Sometimes (tiny chance every turn) turn planet into Toxic (cannibalism, unhealthy rituals, lots of waste production by zealous industry)
Sometimes (tiny chance every turn) planet becomes neutral (more eager to serve ancient religion instead of other species)
Good defensive troops 400%
Good offensive troops 400%
Can build ships
Cannot colonize planets (can only be created from other species by Uuchluth's presense)
Can colonize planets if player has Dead Uuchluth bonus.

Approximate visual appearance of Uuchluth:

Approximate visual appearance of Hthoggs:

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