Sentient species of the Galaxy Reviewed

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Sentient species of the Galaxy Reviewed

#1 Post by DannylC89 » Sat May 14, 2016 7:23 am

Hello guys! I'm new to your forum, but thank you for the wonderful game you've made! It plays interestingly and if I have to be honest, it is better than the new "MoO Conquer the Stars". I have, however decided to download the source code and rewrite the races in the game. It will be hard work I guess....

The reason to do this is because none of them looked reasonable (even from limited, scientific point of view). As we know, there are some rules that could be used when imagining alien fauna (or flora :) ). Anyway, I do not pretend to be ultimate expert in xenobiology. I only try to apply, to reimagine, (to verify if you like), more accurately what's more believable from what I have red - scientific and fictional literature. Let me introduce you to Daniel`s Ultimate List of Sentient Species of the Galaxy! Enjoy!

Amphibian – originating from amphibious creatures resembling frogs or salamanders, the Amphibian race prefers worlds with warm and moist, almost tropical climates. Often being prey than predator on their own homeworld, developed keen sense of self preservation and conflict evasion. Thus said cowardice and survival of the fittest are effective social tools, as long as it fits the Amphibians. They excel at all forms of commerce, but on the diplomatic table are viewed as scrupulous and not very trust worthy. The amphibians support large commercial fleets, but they have access to some military technology as well. Although not aggressive by nature, if provoked, they will defend their assets.
Reptilian – originating from crocodile or snake-like creatures, this coldblooded race prefers dry and hot, desert worlds. The reptilian race is very aggressive and maintain large, well armed fleets. Because of their relatively strong build, the Reptilians excel mostly at space and ground combat, with scientific research lagging quite a bit. When negotiating with other races, they will respect those whom they perceive as stronger, but will hunt and mercilessly try to conquer the weaker. Their culture is violent and brutal and as the old saying says: “Negotiating with a Reptilian is like bargaining with the Sun – one makes no progress and always gets burned...” (thanks the late Degra for the advice ;) )
Avian – these intelligent and fragile beings evolved from bird-like ancestors on a low-gravity world. The avian race has natural predisposition towards all aerial and space-related travel, and they craft the fastest and most maneuverable fleets. Having achieved space flight earlier than most races, their orbital shipyards can produce fleets faster than anyone. While mostly explorers and pacifists, their military capabilities seem to be left behind. Thus said, they rely on mutual compromises, whenever possible,to achieve their agenda. The Avian culture is mirrored by the species great inbuilt affection towards mathematics and aerodynamics.
Mammalian – evolved from mammalian ancestors and despite all the advantages such metabolism provide, this race are relatively rare in the Galaxy. A mammalian race is considered the most successful in terms of settling new worlds. Capable of living on wide variety of worlds and terraforming those that suits their needs, the Mammalians have advanced science and respectable military presence. Being peaceful most of the time , they have natural charisma when matters come to diplomacy and politics. They view large scale wars as avoidable as possible and prefer to use brute force only when threatened and all other diplomatic means have proven worthless.
Insect – evolved on a planet with extensive floral coverage and few natural predators, this race is very centralized in it's activities and face difficulty when abstract thinking is required. This is because of the limitations a Hive Mind dictates. However, rebellions and insubordination are virtually non-existent and make the Insectoids very hard to spy on or infiltrate. They are not the most charming race in the galaxy,(often employing cannibalism), but will uphold their truces and contracts as long as it helps the Hive to grow. However, once provoked to a war, the whole race acts as one giant sweeping tide of destruction. The Insectoids are great breeders and their population outnumbers other races, boosting impressive economic potential.
Cnidarian – slowly evolving in a shallow, warm ocean, this race possesses bilinear symmetry and venomous tentacles. The Cnidarians live in a form of collective mind, close to that of Insectoid Hive Mind, but having individual's thoughts separated from one another. They have natural problem-solving ability, which they successfully employ during diplomacy affairs. Their natural growth is slow and only a handful of planets meet their needs. Be that as it may, these creatures develop stable societies, with minimal ecological impact. Because all members of the race come from single, giant polyp, dissent is very unlikely.
Floral– probably the most unique of all races in the Galaxy, is a race based on plants. Evolved on a planet teeming with jungle foliage and very few natural predators, this sentient floral race is connected in a gestalt sentience that binds every twig and sapling in one world-spanning forest that contains tremendous amount of sensory information. The nature of this civilization means that they will always have minimal ecological impact on other worlds, and climate terraforming will be far quicker than these of other races. They are probably the most peaceful race in the Galaxy and worship life as the only true mean of achieving racial transcendence.
Ethereal – the Galaxy is teeming with life and this race is one example of how diverse it is. The Ethereals are the only intelligent race inhabiting gas giants. These large dome bodied aliens breathe the toxic gases that make the gas giants and require, despite their size (120m across), lesser sustenance from organic compounds. They have also developed culture, mostly art, opera and music that are valued through the Galaxy . The Ethereals possess mighty war fleets, but are naturally peaceful if not provoked. The cause for their docile behavior is mostly based on their pretended ignorance for the inhabitants of rocky worlds.
Annelid – sentient worm-like creatures that evolved breathing toxic gases. They excel mostly at spying and infiltrating other species, in hope of gaining intelligence on foreign, exotic technologies and thus - supremacy. The Annelid race is considered very untrustworthy, as whatever alliance or contract they make, they will always seek “a better deal”. They won't attack a foe directly, but will rather attempt to riot local planetary populations. Honesty and honor are completely alien subjects to them.
Crystalline – most life in the Galaxy is carbon-based, but there are some very rare exceptions. Such is the case of the Crystalline race – a sentient, silicone based lifeforms, that live in the extreme dark. Resembling large, scaly starfish, these creatures evolved slowly when their planet left the orbit of it's parent star and drifted for millions of years in the cosmic void. The Crystalline aliens could settle on very few worlds, mostly because of their unique physiology – they die when exposed to slightest heat! Despite this, they could more easily support population as it does not require sustenance the way others do. The Crystallines are hard to understand and work with.

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