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Species Tizzik

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Gorgeous, claustrophobic avian permaculturists, born of an unusually biodiverse inferno/jungle world.

Homeworld: A huge, fertile inferno world full of a wide variety of beautiful (by nearly all galactic standards) and complex web of primarily Germanium based, typically lithorganic flora and metallorganic fauna. Some Native lifeforms are Carbon, Silicone, varied Metal Oxides, and pure energy/magnetism based, further contributing to biodiversity. The atmosphere is composed mostly of dense vaporized metals, allowing them flight, and rivers of intensely caustic acids and liquefied metallorganic compounds, formed long ago by the planet's unique bacterial diversity, provided all the necessary nutrients for the jungles. High energy availability and high interspecies conflict has led to both rapid reproduction and rapid evolution rates among all species, unrecognizable species and ecosystems often arising in as little as 1.5 Terran Weeks.

Reason for leaving: Upon observing similar inferno worlds via living bio-satellite, they felt saddened about how barren those alien worlds were by comparison, and decided that they would seed every inferno world they could with their beloved biodiversity, on principle. With a nearly religious zeal, they packed biological samples, and set their sights upon the stars.

Biology: 5ft tall, four-winged birds, with glittering feathers, like metallic gold and copper, perpetually cloaked in multicolored flames, and a long narrow beak. They use magnetoreception to "see", using their breath and rapid movements to cause powerful, rapidly oscillating magnetic fields that can damage most electronics easily, and even alter weather patterns. The can hover perfectly still in the air, under any weather conditions, flapping their wings at 320 beats per second, and using their fine, dexterous talons to achieve even the most delicate of tasks, at the cost of dying if they do not eat all least once every Terran Hour. Their primary source of food is flower nectar, supplemented occasionally by small fauna and seeds. They almost never stop flying, even when reproducing, simply dropping their eggs (they are oviparous) from the air, above a chosen nesting site, and letting their elastic shells protect them as they bounce. Their eggs are so elastic, that they are often used in sporting events of a game called talonball, or sakkar where teams kick them into nets using only their talons, knees, and heads. Indeed the eggs hatch more rapidly, with stronger, and healthier chicks when treated in this manner.

Society: Tizzik society is organized into matriarchal communes. Groups of communes work together for common goals, and disagreements are solved by discussions for majority votes. If there is a tie, a ritual game of talonball can sway a vote, and has been known to even change world events. It is especially auspicious when an egg hatches during the game, or especially with the final game-winning goal.

History: They are a peaceful race usually, but predators will occasionally evolve from native fauna, or arrive from space. The response is always the same, rapid annihilation. They have never had violent conflict against each other, or any other sentient species, so it is unclean how they would fare in the wider galaxy.

Race Attributes:
Spacey Artists: They are artistically-minded, which works well for their native biologically based sciences and arts, but working with any foreign tech, tends to bore or confuse them.
Cultural Influence ++
Research ---

Gorgeously Conspicuous: They are absolutely gorgeous. That being said, they have no way to "blend in" or be stealthy. They are absolutely unmistakable, and unignorable.
Diplomacy ++
Stealth ---

Claustrophobic Permaculturists: They love the outdoors, but enclosed spaces are so not their vibe. As such they avoid certain industries and avoid creating permanent buildings, let alone cities, like other species tend to do, but they're expert permaculture farmers and ecologists.
Max Pop ---
Population growth +
Industry ---
Terraforming bonus ++
Living Hull production bonus +++

Flying Supermagnets: Due to their very nature, and method of sight Tizzik can't personally use robotic hulls for ships, and many other mechanical techs, but they have great magnetoreceptive senses and can easy dispatch nearby machines, even if they are sentient.
Ground Troops against Robotic Races +++
Detection +++
Can't build robotic hull
Can't build exobots
Can't build Industrial Centers
Etc... (Will expand list later)

Narrow Planet Tolerance:
Asteroid: Uninhabitable
Barren: Poor
Inferno: Good
Toxic: Poor
Terran: Uninhabitable
Swamp: Uninhabitable
Ocean: Uninhabitable
Desert: Poor
Gas Giant: Uninhabitable


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Re: Species Tizzik

#2 Post by Oberlus »

Welcome to the forum!

The description of the world and the species is wonderful. I would adjust some things, like giving them slow but powerful wing beats (as they live in very dense worlds). But it's great as it is. Very good job.

Then regarding the technical aspects:

The env. tolerance cannot be adjusted like that, it must follow the convention of the wheel of planet types. So tundra, desert, terran, ocean, and swamp should be hostile.

Some of the traits you mention doesn't really exist in FreeOrion (diplomacy, bonus to troops against specific metabolisms).

Production bonus to living hull, I think it can be done. Same with pop. growth.

Some stuff I think they could be implemented in FOCS but I don't really know:
- Cheaper terraforming
- Forbidden building (in the case of the industrial center, they could get the bonus if you build it in another species world).
- "Can't crew robotic ships" (forbidding the drydock, doing something in the hulls...).
- No exobots. If it can't be done, there could be species-(dis)like-species relations.

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Re: Species Tizzik

#3 Post by Ophiuchus »

Oberlus wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:07 pm Some stuff I think they could be implemented in FOCS but I don't really know:
- Cheaper terraforming
buildcost is a valueref, species could have a tag which the tech checks for.
Oberlus wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:07 pm - Forbidden building (in the case of the industrial center, they could get the bonus if you build it in another species world).
change building buildlocation to prevent building
Oberlus wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:07 pm - "Can't crew robotic ships" (forbidding the drydock, doing something in the hulls...).
Oberlus wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:07 pm - No exobots. If it can't be done, there could be species-(dis)like-species relations.
does that intended to mean no exobots in the empire? or it would be ok if there is another species able to build/research exobots?

the ugly part about this is that nothing can be done exclusively in the species scripts.

Bad population, narrow tolerance and no exobots. it seems the technical idea of the tizzik is that you heavily rely on terraforming. that is rather a late tech, so I think this does not work so well as a empire starting species. in a no-native game they are probably at a serious disadvantage. they could make up for it by making terraforming very cheap.

as oberlus pointed out, if the species is able to terraform, you have to respect the wheel.
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