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Two kind of satellite (moon)

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 5:33 am
by jinlanid
I don't mean the artificial satellite, I mean the real satellite, the moon. Big moon and small moon.

For big moon, it:
1 is always smaller than the planet.
2 can have completely different environment.
3 can have population, outcome,defense,like normal planet (need to be colonized).
4 share building with the planet (maybe should require "space elevator" on one or both).

For small moon, it:
1 is just a specialty of the planet, and can't have population, outcome, environment (meaningless).
2 can have defense and play as a planet in space combat (need some building, eg, defense base).
3 can launch and recollect fighters (need some building).
4 provide supply range bonus (need some building).

It's weird that planets don't have moons.