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#31 Post by LithiumMongoose »

I always thought of an Ocean planet as one that is 95-100% covered in water, such that only aquatic races would live there happily, but others could at the high cost of making floating cities, domes on the ocean floor, etc.

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#32 Post by Dreamer »

Well, I think any combination of tundras, jungles, forests, oceans an deserts are in fact a terran environment. Just as our planet is. When colonizing a planet where do we put our structures is indeed important, but only secondary. The main questions should be:

Will I instantly freeze / burn?
Will I be able to breath?
Will I be crushed instantly by gravitational forces?
Will I die due to radiation?
Will I be able to obtain all I need to grow or I need to bring even oxigen from other places?

If for any reason I am to live in a contoled environment (bubble) and never go outside then I don't really care what is happening outside. We are thinking ok, Tundra means cold, but we have a stable gravity and enought oxigen so it's nice. And that is not the case at all.

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#33 Post by utilae »

I guess an ocean going race would prefer 100% water, but would settle for a planet with 75%. Same for a race that likes forest.

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#34 Post by Sandlapper »

How about:


adj 1: of or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air

It would include all land types, and implies it to be habitable. Perhaps those rare planets meeting exact preferences of a paticular race get "Prime Terrene" or "Optimal Terrene"

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#35 Post by Argus »

I know this is an older thread and all (no one's posted on it for months) but here's a thought. Right now aren't we using a wheel and different races have an ideal spot on the wheel they most like to be. Well how about along with that index into the wheel we have a races description of that ideal spot. So terrans would see terran environment for Earth like worlds and Zylfodians would see Zylfodan environments for Zylfod (their homeworld) like worlds.
This way we make the game "race centric". Of course we might still want to deal with the terran/forrest/balanced/whatever renaming debate!
I'm also not sure how the programmers have implemented the planet types but I don't see this as too hard to change.

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#36 Post by noelte »

You suggest a race specific environment wheel? If so, what happens if a other race conquers a planet, what env. would it be for the second race? i think we should stick with a general planet state which different races handle in different way. The only thing i'm nore sure of, do it really have to be a wheel?
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#37 Post by Carbon Copy Man »

I think that idea could work well, if implemented correctly (if done wrongly I imagine it could be a problem).

Every race sees its own spectrum of habitation and the names for the environment are based on its own spectrum. That way it's easier to find the planets you want.

The problem would be with communication between players/empires (eg Silicoid: "Which ones are the 'terran' planets?"). But I imagine this minor area of miscommunication would only add to the realism and feel of the game -- you'll have to think to work out which colonies that enemy empire wants to conquer.

The key would be keeping the inevitable miscommunication from being annoying.

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#38 Post by Argus »

That's true. I keep forgetting about FO being a multi-player game! Well I suppose we could simply have that races name for it's ideal type shown and then the default name being in brackets.

As far as the miscommunication goes. Tough cookies! lol! Just kidding! I mean people are bound to try out the different races so they're going to come across the "race centric" planet environment names when they do so they'll know about it and it won't be a surprise to learn that when someone says terran they mean forest and when they say Zylfodan they mean swamp etc.

BTW I wasn't saying the whole wheel but just the ideal slot on the wheel but I don't see any reason why not the whole wheel.

noelte: I wasn't saying a race specific wheel. I see where you misunderstood me. The current wheel (which I do believe is officially chosen and is what we are doing) is fine in that people understand how it works and it works for ideas like terraforming etc. It's simple, it's concise and it works. Just as long as the code is modable there's no point debating that.

So the wheel remains the same we just translate the one slot (the ideal race slot) for that users UI.


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