Space Fungus concept

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Space Fungus concept

#1 Post by afwbkbc » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:05 pm

Space Fungus is highly aggressive and invasive life form that can send spores into space.
Starts on first turn as Fungus Incubation on random Swamp, Terran, Ocean or Toxic planets.

Planetary bonus : Fungal Incubation
has stealth of 45 (player with lower detection won't see this bonus on planet)
transforms to Fungal Growth after 10-20 turns on Swamp, Toxic, Terran or Ocean planets. On other planet types remain in suspended state unless planet type was changed to friendlier one OR planet was colonized by Organic species

Planetary bonus : Fungal Growth
planet becomes one lever worse for Organic species (i.e. Poor instead of Adequate or Hostile instead of Poor)
transforms to Fungal Flowering in 10-20 turns
if planet type changed to incompatible type - transforms back to Fungal Incubation
+50% to defensive troops

Planetary bonus : Fungal Flowering
planet becomes Hostile for Organic species
planet becomes one level worse for other species types
0-4 Fungal Spores are created above planet every turn
can still survive for 10-20 turns if planet type changed to incompatible, then reverts to Fungal Incubation
+100% to defensive troops
if planet is Medium or larger - transforms to Fungal Sentience in 10-20 turns

Planetary bonus : Fungal Sentience
planet becomes Uninhabitable for Organic species
planet becomes Hostile for all species
+100% research if planet is populated and focused on Research
+60 planetary detection range
+200% to defensive troops
less mature fungus on planets within detection range of this planet matures 2 times faster and sends twice as much spores on Flowering stage
if planet is Large or Huge - transforms into Fungal Transcendence in 10-20 turns

Planetary bonus : Fungal Trancendence
planet becomes Uninhabitable for all species
+200 planetary detection range
population limit for Organic species within planet's detection decrease by 50%, for other species - by 25%
if planet is Huge - transforms entire planet into Fungal Horror in 10-20 turns

Space monster : Fungal Spore
Speed: 100
Structure: 1
Stealth: 55
Weapons: Planetary Infestation (upon arriving on suitable planet or planet with Organic species adds Fungal Incubation bonus and disappears)
Immune to mines
Ignores planetary shields and defences

Space monster : Fungal Horror
Speed: 40
Structure: 6000-9000 HP (randomly), heals 100-200 HP every turn regardless of actions taken, heals 50HP every turn of combat, heals by max structure of any destroyed ship
200 detection range
Weapons: 60-90 Fungal Spikes (fighters, 10 damage and 2 structure each, regenerates all of them every round), Acid Cloud (area-of-effect, 10 damage to every ship every round, energy ships are immune)
population limit of any species within detection range reduced by 75%, Organic species slowly die out
any fleet within detection range have structure of every ship reduced by 10% of its max structure every turn (so any fleet that stays for 10 turns nearby is destroyed)
decreases speed of any fleet within detection range by 50%
adds Fungal Flowering to any suitable planet within detection range if not infested with fungus yet

Tech branch : Fungus Eradication
adds techs that help to remove fungal planetary bonuses and deactivating spores

Tech branch : Fungus Harmony
adds tech that reduce penalties from fungus bonuses, then remove them, and then reverse them for Organic species (so after mastering this branch Organic species will BENEFIT from Fungal Horrors flying nearby)

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