New schedule for the online voice chat meetings

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New schedule for the online voice chat meetings

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One thing discussed at the last online voice chat meeting (on September 9th) was a new schedule for these meetings.

I feel that, while it's certainly nice to have these opportunities to actually talk to each other instead of just exchanging posts on a forum, having a meeting every two weeks might be too much, and therefore want to suggest having a meeting only once a month. That should be more than sufficient to cover the topics that come up, and should there actually be more to discuss at any point, we can always schedule extra meetings.

I also thought it might be easier to remember if we, instead of having a meeting every x weeks, having it on e.g. every last Wednesday of the month.

However, because of a change in my weekly appointments, my Wednesday evenings most likely will be occupied by something else, I'd like to move the meetings to Monday (which currently is pretty much the only free evening I've left...).

So, my suggestion for the new schedule for the online voice chat meetings is every last Monday of the month. Wich means, the next meeting would be coming Monday, September 28th (usual time and Jitsi room).

Is that ok for everyone? Or is Monday a problem for anyone? Would you prefer other weekdays? More/less frequent meetings?

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