I'm out guys.

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I'm out guys.

#1 Post by Thursdaybloom »

I know I didn't post all that much (just in the quiet Audio forum primarily) but I'm leaving the internet for a (long) while. Unfortunately things have turned to shit for me. I've had to sell most of my musical gear and I have to move house. Obviously this sucks for multiple reasons, but it sucks because I was really keen to help out on the FreeOrion project.

Most of you probably don't even remember me, but I still wanted to say farewell and goodluck - not just dissappear quietly and never come back.

Keep working hard guys. This is an inspiring project which I know will succeed.


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Re: I'm out guys.

#2 Post by Bigjoe5 »

Thanks for your attempt to contribute. I hope things pick up for you.
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Re: I'm out guys.

#3 Post by pd »

I'm sorry to hear this, but thanks for letting us know. I hope your situation improves again and we'll see you again.

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