Sci-Fi Book Recommendation: The Three-Body Trilogy

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Re: Sci-Fi Book Recommendation: The Three-Body Trilogy

#16 Post by Voskhod_02 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 10:24 am

It's true that most science fiction authors are great at imagining alien races, space battles, great odysseys and magnificient new planets, but lack a little in the human department... Now, let's find a great SF writer and pair them with a great human drama writer, and we're going to have the next milestone in the world of literature :mrgreen:

But on a more serious note, speaking of reading SF, I've got a feeling that some of the concepts developed in this style of literature are increasingly coming from the realm of fiction to the one of science... I mean, look at that article : its main idea is that due to the generalisation of self driving cars, we're going to buy houses differently, commute while showering or dressing ourselves in self driving caravans, go on holidays differently... I wouldn't have paid much attention to it if it was published by a science-related website, but this time, it's a real estate company which is actually, seriously considering such a future ; which means that it's much more realistic than it sounds.

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