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[6870] Core Slot

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:31 pm
by Dragget
I installed this version last week and have been playing a bit here and there as I have time... I finally got a game progressed far enough to research Contra Gravitational Maintenance and was looking at the Self-Gravitating Hull in the ship builder screen. In this version, the hull has something called a "core slot" in addition to the normal internal and external slots on other hull designs. I can't find any parts that will fit this slot. What is it used for? Is this something that has not been fully implemented yet or do I just need to do more research to unlock parts that will fit this slot type?

Re: [6870] Core Slot

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:45 pm
by Geoff the Medio
From a quick search of ship_parts.txt, a Core slot is used for the Singularity Engine Core and Zero Point Fuel Generator.

Re: [6870] Core Slot

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:06 am
by Ta'Lon
This does raise an interesting question. Going over the ship hulls list, only two hulls currently support core slots.

Those being the Self-Gravitating Hull, and the Xentronium Hull (which is currently not linked to a tech).

Soooo, the Singularity Engine Core can only be used for one hull. Was this the intent?

As for FU_ZERO_FUEL, aka the Zero Point Fuel Generator, it currently is not linked to any tech, and I've never seen it appear ingame.

Core slots seem poorly implemented to me. From my standpoint, a slot that is only used for one or two parts in the game, that only one or two hulls have, seems like a waste of time.

At the very least, I'd argue that Singularity Engine Core should work in more hulls/perhaps be changed to internal/core... plus the tech talks about stacking them, while the two aformentioned hulls only have one core slot each.

The Core Slot concept I think has merit, as long as it has a purpose. You could use it for reactors that add attack/defense/other bonuses (more power available), or any other part that resides in the 'heart' of a ship. Most of the other ideas I can think of off the top of my head make sense in internal slots as well (damage control coordination, computer core/ship systems coordinator, ship structure booster/stronger ship skeleton).

Most of the above concepts are abstracted now, via generalized bonuses.

A Core slot could be a way to 'purpose' a hull type. I.E. a stealth core adds the ship's deception bonus, while a power core adds to weapon/shield strength (warship). A 'beefed up skeleton' core could add to structure and armor strength, although this would have be significant enough to be as good of a choice as the power core mentioned above. An enhanced computer core might add to detection range/strength, as well as accuracy bonuses if accuracy is ever factored into weapon design. A 'propulsion core' might give each drive system mounted a bonus, so say a +5 speed/drive system becomes a +10 speed/drive system. Said 'propulsion core' might also tie in to some 'mobile stargate' tech or some such. A 'Bio' Core could increase regeneration rates of Organic ships, and perhaps give them some other bonus.

If said 'core slot/purposing' concept was implemented, then you could add one core to each hull type, and have the various 'basic' cores available at game start, with enhanced cores becoming available via techs.

But for now I think the Singularity Engine Core needs to be changed to internal/core, just because. Unless the intent was for it to work in just one hull...

Re: [6870] Core Slot

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:56 am
by Geoff the Medio
Ta'Lon wrote:Core slots seem poorly implemented to me. From my standpoint, a slot that is only used for one or two parts in the game, that only one or two hulls have, seems like a waste of time.
Core slots haven't really been implemented yet, at least in content. An extra slot type was requested on the forums, so was added, but hasn't been used yet by scripters.