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Imperial stockpile diff is good to see what you are wasting

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:02 pm
by Ophiuchus
I tried another game with laenfa, about 7 maniacal AI, about 300 systems, low planets, other settings medium.
Again not chance for a distributed empire. The neighbors didnt expand enough. One was hindered by some krakens so i could take its homeworld in turn 70 or so. Most planets hidden (Laenfa plus cloud cover) and leading in production and research. Game was basically won then.
Did not really use imperial stockpile until now, just sometimes i saw i have minimal waste and thought its ok to go the stockpile - maybe it need it later on. In turn 110 i have about 20PP in the stockpile.
Game was smooth. Dont like to do the cleanup so i stopped playing.

What i used from the stockpile feature mostly was the number of PP going to the stockpile in the next turn.
From it I could easily infer how many PP I was wasting and choose to react or not.
So that works well :)

So again a fresh laenfa game. 8 aggressive AI, 180 systems, high starlanes, other settings medium.
A distributed/hidden empire strategy looks worthwhile. Lots of nice locations to grab close to the neighbors.
Many strategic options open - should i block the neighbors first or should i go for growth?
On the other hand I dont see a big challenge.
Will see how it goes again