Thumbs-up for FO running on ARM chromebook

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Thumbs-up for FO running on ARM chromebook

#1 Post by chaz572 »

Just wanted to let everyone know that FreeOrion (both 0.4.5 and now 0.4.6 also) has been successfully run on an ARM processor. HP chromebook 14 G3 (nyan-blaze platform) converted over to run native chrubuntu, to be exact. With a little help from Markus Koschany, who maintains the bleeding-edge FreeOrion PPA for Ubuntu, I just got the thing upgraded to 0.4.6 yesterday.

Passing along my early feedback to Markus; thought the rest of the dev team might like to hear.....
Thanks, Markus! I pulled it down and tried it out last night. Got 45 turns into a new game. It's still a little early, as I haven't gotten far enough to build up a wide-ranging empire yet, but it plays well, haven't seen any bugs yet, and overall it does still (even at -O0) feel more responsive than 0.4.5 did on the same platform. I sometimes see it take a longer pause when changing screens entirely (that would be bringing up or dismissing the technology/research tableau, or the custom
ship design interface) than 0.4.5 did. But the mouse tracking is much better in 0.4.6 (it was sometimes slow enough on the ARM chromebook under 0.4.5 to be an impediment to use). Switching from one planet to another is also snappier. Adding things to the production queue, much more responsive as well. A lot less lag when changing colony focus (production/
research/growth). Overall, very happy, and I'm glad to report that on a dog-slow platform such as this, 0.4.6 is much more playable than 0.4.5 was. So well done to the programmers for wringing out code inefficiencies in this release; it shows!

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Re: Thumbs-up for FO running on ARM chromebook

#2 Post by MatGB »

Oh, well done, now that tablets &c far outspec the stuff I learnt to code on it's good to see they can be used for sensible things as well as boring business stuff ;-)
Mat Bowles

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