Re: All I ever wanted to know about combat but was afraid to ask

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Re: All I ever wanted to know about combat but was afraid to ask

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I wanted to help with some rendering issues on my system. The Tech Demo loads fine and looks great, but there are a number of small issues. Sadly, for some unknown reason, I can't use Print Screen and paste into GIMP to give you screenshots because everytime I try Screenie-ing the Tech Demo, the pasted image is just a 1920x1080 solid black box with nothing in it. I've tried Print-Screening other things and FO is the only game that does this (and Daikatana, but if you know what that is then you know it doesn't really matter) So hence I'll make do with some (as detailed as I can be) textual descriptions.

1/ My system:
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit
CPU: AMD Phenom II 940 Black Edition, 4 x 3.0Ghz
GPU: Sapphire/ATI Radeon HD 4850X2, 2 x 1Gb
Memory: 8Gb DDR2 RAM, 300Mb Page File

2/ Overall Impression
Let me say the only space-based thing that looks better than the tech demo at the moment is Sins of A Solar Empire. I get 80 FPS just about constantly, 90 when I zoom in (Same deal on actual FO) Although if I could make a suggestion, the tech demo background is a wee bit short on background stars, a lot more of them would remind you that your in space, not an irradiated Gas Giant, but thats another story.

3/ Artifacted Asteroids

Asteroids look fine up close, except that some of them have thin (1px) horizontal lines under them, making them look like sprites. Further away, at medium zoom, the actual sprites that are supposed to replace the asteroids at long distances just look like Graphics Artifacts from an overheating GPU, they appear as little green (or black when behind the sun's bloom) rectangles, squares and horizontal lines.

4/ Buggy night-side textures.

Some of the nightside textures look like their rendering completely wrong, the swamp world looks fine. The terran night side looks a lot like a giant ball of metallic spaghetti & meatballs with no spaces for oceans and the day-side has no visible city lights at all (not sure if that's intentional though) And the purplish irradiated? looking world has it's night side completely messed up. It looks something like several bars of snow (as in TV static) at the poles and a big black band between the tropics, with a scattering of white pixels in one part (to the right side when looking at it from the yellow gas giant.

5/ Screenshots

Like I said, I would provide screenshots, but I can't. I just get black. I think its probably because I have an ATI graphics card, and FO is known to be picky about them so there's not much that can be done about it.
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Re: All I ever wanted to know about combat but was afraid to ask

#2 Post by strooka »

Have you tried to Run fo in à window and then Print screen?

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