Save File Format Conversion Help

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Save File Format Conversion Help

#1 Post by Geoff the Medio »

This bug on GitHub: has a save file attached, which is in binary format, seemingly saved on Linux. I thus can't load it on Windows. If someone could download that file, load it on Linux, and resave it with XML save files and compression enabled, then upload or attach it somewhere I can get it, that would be helpful...

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Re: Save File Format Conversion Help

#2 Post by Ophiuchus »

couldnt load it with current snap. i'll try necropublishing v0.4.10.1 rev=128

edit1: same revision, but still not compatible; guess you need the right debian build / boost(?)
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Re: Save File Format Conversion Help

#3 Post by Grummel7 »

I can send you a current save file, if you want. The case is easily reproducible.

The problem is not the troops, but the fact that the game does not consider it an outpost. I guess it's the same when you bomb a native population, only empires have outposts. After removing the Experimentor population, all that remains is an empty planet with a stray build named Experimentor Outpost. And empty planets cannot be invaded.

You can actually put an outpost on that planet and than scrap the building. Or keep it and let it spawn monsters for your space fleet. :mrgreen:

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