MSVC projects reference nonexistent headers

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MSVC projects reference nonexistent headers

#1 Post by mel_o »

I've noticed that some of the projects in the msvc solutions have some header files that don't exist, possibly removed without updating the projects. The projects and the files they reference are:
  • FreeOrion: universe/Names.h
  • FreeOrionCA: universe/Names.h, combat/CombatOrder.h
  • FreeOrionD: universe/Names.h
I couldn't find any references to these files in the XCode config or any CMake files, but I haven't tested either of those. I can submit a PR with the updated .vcxproj files, at least.

ETA: PR is up.
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Re: MSVC projects reference nonexistent headers

#2 Post by Geoff the Medio »

Hopefully fixed (before I saw your pull request).

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