compile time segmentation faults & a fix for me

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compile time segmentation faults & a fix for me

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Hi, just in case anyone else is running into this --

A couple times now when trying to compile after an update, I've been plagued by compile time segmentation faults that would not be cleared by simply running make clean, restarting my machine, and rerunning cmake and make. I think yandonman has reported similar problems in the past. Anyways, it seems like a problem with the cmake cache files has been the problem; cleaning up those has let me recompile no problem. Here's an alias I adapted from something on the web to make this cleanup process easier:

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alias cmakeclean="find -name '*CMake*' -not -name CMakeLists.txt -not -name '*svn*' -not -name CTestConfig.cmake -print  -exec rm -rf {} \+"
I then just execute cmakeclean in my top Freeorion directory & it clears out cmake related files except those that need to remain (i.e. those that would not get recreated by a "cmake ." followed by a "make"); I then do the cmake . and make and it's all good.
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