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NEW Roadmap 2014

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:47 am
by Adamant
Time hast passed and some of earlier Objectices may got rated now different then Years before - Time for some Kind of Inventur of Top Level Development Objectives has IMO come. So I ask for Year-labeled RoadMap-Threads tp provide a good OverView what is on the actual RoadMap. When RoadMap 2014 originated please rename the previos to Free Orion RoadMap 201x-2013 or something like to make it obvious how both Threads relates.

That Way comes Opportunity to compare Objectives of both resp Resume which are new, which are gone and which got accomplished as Kind of HighLevel Diff at RoadMap-Level suited as post-created Introduction of new Thread, perhaps init new Thread with trvial PlaceHolder-Post and add the preliminary first already as second.

*edit* updated Topic as Post got new Thread

*add* Propse even instead just Thread SubFora RoadMap 2014 with Thread above as sticky Thread while single Items listed in that RoadMap get own Threads to discuss there them more detailed which make the Thread(s) better readable as sorted by Item=Detail with same Scope of RoadMap -- changes Role of RoadMap Thread to Way of Index-Thread for RoadMap Forum Threads for compact OverView and brief Description of Items which are listed as official Objectives put on RoadMap.

Deal here two Matters for same Aim: make the RoadMap better readable resp writeable.

EG found in last Post of actual RoadMap-Thread info an interesting Aspect related to AI resp Simulation of Civilians in Game and wonder what other RoadMap-Items exist I would like to read while I wont like to extract that Info from RoadMap Thread by reading each single Post if it contains according Data.
As that Thread is IIRC from 2004 I wonder which Entries are still actual resp already implemented while other Items could have lost Interest from Developers - as 10y later when still not implemented either Challlenge is to large to do it quickly or nobody cares about anymore -- so ask for Resume of that Items seen from 2014 to Items listed since 2004. So that is the Point for me while other may see same or other Points for that Proposal. Well, this Matter seems to get considered to be really important as it got own Thread ... had feel fine with new RoadMap 2014 Thread but here we may discuss if we can find good Reasons against that proposed Thread.

I think it is not essential and we could continue without - we may move actual RoadMap to Archive for same Reasons, btw.

But a whole Decade passed and RoadMap as Thread that deals planned Future with Scope of all other SubScopes we could also argue a new Thread that clearly explains what left from previous on RoadMap could be useful - but Matter require controverse Discussion and we should better provide and rate Arguments before we dont .. or do so. So that's about

Arguments please!