Order of DownLoad Files in SF Files

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Order of DownLoad Files in SF Files

#1 Post by Adamant » Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:34 am

There are DownLoad Folders specific to several Linux Distributions next to DownLoadFiles for OSX and WIN.
I would embrace IF there would these Files get sorted in into Folders OSX and WIN at least the new coming Files if the old gets removed by any Limit like Amount or Data. YFI: Precissely the equivalent Category at SAME LEVEL of OSX and WIN would be Linux while the Distribution-Types would be SubFolder of Linux but feel alright if eg Fedora keeps at same Folder-Level like OSX.

Brief Point: I feel better would Files for WIN and OSX get sorted into according SunFolders next to the Linux-Istribution-Folders. When looking for Supprt for alternative OS would ask for BSD even I never used as another large OSS Sector while I am more familar with OpenSolaris and just note that it is POSIX as well and there are relative few Games available - moderate large Lake with Fishes but rar Fishers .. means a good Target if Distribution matters.
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Re: Order of DownLoad Files in SF Files

#2 Post by Vezzra » Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:57 am

I've been pondering that for a very long while now, if I should reorganize the test build folder. And maybe purge builds beyond a certain age, it's probably not really necessary to keep two year old test builds. At least move them into an archive folder. I just don't get around to do that, because it's rather low priority on my list...

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