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Re: Quick play guide

#46 Post by khearn »

If you right-click on the picture of the species next to the populoation number of a planet, you'll get an option to bring up the pedia entry for the species. Once you find it, it's really useful.

When in doubt, try right-clicking on stuff. I was wondering what exactly the various cloud-like things drifting across the map were until I happened to right-click on one and discovered the pedia links for them.

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Re: Quick play guide

#47 Post by godel »

What I need in addition to the one posted on line is one concerning the controls.
I have found that I can only learn these by trial and error.
Please explain to beginners:
I now know what a circle in the upper right of a box means, I understand the way to pump out many of the same order in the manufacturing.
But I have no good knowledge of how to get the saved ship designs all at once to be current.

There is nothing about the ship design panel at all at
http://freeorion.org/index.php/V0.4_Qui ... uide#Ships

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