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AI update for piloting / weapons effects

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:41 am
by Dilvish
I just committed a first pass at giving the AI some awareness of the new species piloting / weapons effects. This first installment at least lets them value piloting effects when considering colonies, and lets them prefer building warships at planets with good pilots. I'll probably need to adjust the strength of this preference more once I see better how it's working out. The AIs actual attack planning is still not adjusted for this, so they will still be making plenty of poor attack decisions for a while.

Still, this should be enough that if they should, for example, much prefer to build an Organic warship at a Muursh colony than at a Derthrean colony, but if only the latter can do Asteroid hulls then an AI very well might decide to make mostly Derthrean asteroid ships. Since the strength of that preference is adjustable, feedback on how well they seem to be making their shipbuilding choices will be extremely welcome.