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Offline for uncertain time

#1 Post by adrian_broher »


due the fact that I'm living on the countryside I am a customer of some small provider that provides its service by WiMAX. Today I received a letter stating that the company behind it discontinues its service 'soon' because of insolvency. Until I have some alternative means of accessing the internet (my workplace doesn't like private internet correspondence) which will take some time as I expect from the provider user service here I will stop contributing to the project. Good luck with the release and see you soon.
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Re: Offline for uncertain time

#2 Post by AndrewW »

Good luck with it. Hope you will work something out quickly.

May not be the best of options but if you have a landline at least there's always dialup, can at least get you back and is good for some stuff.

Satellite might be another option, though you get a lag time for the signal to go up to the satellite then back down to earth.

Or using a cell/smart phone as the modem might also be an option.

Fixed point wireless (if available in your area).

Just some ideas anyways.

Is a good starting point for finding options.

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Re: Offline for uncertain time

#3 Post by Dilvish »

I'm very sorry to hear that, good luck finding a new ISP soon.
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