Next Test Build?

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Next Test Build?

#1 Post by Dart00_Tech »

I've been keeping a eye on GIT (I check about 2 times a day XD) and I see some pretty neat stuff in the latest SVN entries.

Dose anyone know when the next Test Build will be up? I wana try the new stuff! =^.^=

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Re: Next Test Build?

#2 Post by yandonman »

Every Monday (though that's only by my observation, not a commitment by anyone)
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Re: Next Test Build?

#3 Post by Vezzra »

yandonman wrote:Every Monday (though that's only by my observation, not a commitment by anyone)
Well, maybe not an "official" commitment, but nevertheless something I've commited myself to. ;) Your observation is correct, I try to provide new test builds usually every Monday (most of the time in the evening, as that's when I'm most likely have time for that). Unless I'm on vacation or something like that of course, then it might be difficult or maybe impossible to keep up that schedule (depending on internet access at my disposal), as has been the case just recently.

So you can expect new builds today in the evening (well, depending where you live of course ;)), provided I don't run into issues with the current SVN (which tends to happen now and then).

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