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Re: Tenth game on the multiplayer slow game server

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:30 pm
by Voker57
The Daily Gormoshk, Cycle 136

Front news

The war continues, having escalated to death rays on both sides. On northern front, nearly all of Querens' planets have been liberated, and allied armies are pushing back on Hyperant. However, in a surprising strike Hyperant manages to defend a black hole from O01eg, who makes his own side push. Small remnants of Hyperant forces are isolated in the north, while newer ships are being shipped to a standoff point at Oberlus' Anus, where an impressive battle between two ~5k fleets is about to break out. Galaxy's main superpowers, L29Ah and Hyperant, seem to command pretty similar force, but Hyperant has no (alive) allies...


Re: Tenth game on the multiplayer slow game server

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:42 am
by Ophiuchus
Very few fighters in endgame it seems. How was fighter tactics developing? Who picked up the arc disruptor line?

Re: Tenth game on the multiplayer slow game server

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:57 am
by Voker57
Fighters were very widely deployed, but mostly by the sides that lost. Usually I saw bombers to the max, sometimes with some interceptors. They do not seem to be very effective against flaks and require supply. I think the only one who used arc disruptors is me, because I had bad pilots. Otherwise it seems like a waste of resources: not targeted on fighters only, countered by basic shields.

Re: Tenth game on the multiplayer slow game server

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 7:47 pm
by Voker57
The Daily Gormoshk, Cycle 139

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Re: Tenth game on the multiplayer slow game server

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:01 pm
by Voker57
The Daily Gormoshk, Cycle 140

Galaxy surrenders

After two final grave defeats. Hyperant empire gives up. Its emperor has honorably admitted the defeat and disbanded the government. Seeing the overwhelming L29Ah's might, his ally, Querens, does the same. The rest is a question of short opportunity evaluation, and, perhaps, in case of extreme stubbornness, time.

The Chato look forward to new peaceful achievements inside the victorious empire spanning most of the galaxy, and feel closure at seeing the last vestiges of their enemies brought low. Who knows, perhaps if the murderous Swaq and Oberlus did not start the war on their peaceful and defenseless neighbor, they would be better off? Perhaps, the Chato empire could become a powerful buffer between them and extremely fortunate L29Ah? Maybe, they could actually enforce the ultimatums they sign, join forces to stave off Hyperant's power surge? But, they rushed in to take a large bite here and now, without knowing anything about the galaxy layout and force distribution, and the rest is history.

Chato would like to thank all their allies, brave Querens who fought the strongest and survived, at his own expense, helpful O01eg who shared what he could, and, of course, mighty L29Ah who became the avenging avatar of defeated Chato empire and ground their captors into dust.

Chato also thank their enemies, the opportunistic Oberlus, the deadly Swaq, and the well-fed Hyperant for showing them the error of their ways, too peaceful sometimes for this world. Some of this galaxy's fate also rests on Chato's optimistic facets.

Chato remember the death of danyspin97, who was in the wrong place, in the wrong time. If Querens was not too besieged, perhaps another empire could be spared from Hyperant's empowered greed.

The Daily Gormoshk reporters will cover the celebratory reception at L29Ah's imperial palace, as well as upcoming strategic analysis of the galaxy's tumultuous history. Perhaps we will uncover together many secrets and understand the past better.

Re: Tenth game on the multiplayer slow game server

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:10 pm
by Oberlus
GG L29Ah

Re: Tenth game on the multiplayer slow game server

Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 1:14 am
by Hyperant
(Jolly good show folks)

The nail in the coffin

Battle Analysis of the Final Battle of Nikko Beta


The coalition war had drastically turned against the Supreme League during the last few months, with the Vinite Cluster recapturing all their lost systems at a steep price, and even managing to capture Asteria, a vital supply and logistics system, as well as the system of Stedda, the League's most important energy hub, responsible for supplying alone about a fifth of the realm's energy consumption in their first major offensive conquests, along with the Potian Realm, having been kept barely alive by supply shipments from the Mole Kingdom, also making their own gains despite the fall of their capital. An attempted counter attack on their newly established capital of Uluru Gamma was swiftly crushed by an overwhelming Mole taskforce, irreversibly crippling most of the league's dominance in the region.

Meanwhile in the far east, the lone and underpopulated system of Lilac Alpha, which boasted a vast sensors array, fell to a several week's long siege by an advanced Mole Battleship which itself took major damage due to the vast minefields that had been laid, with the ground garrison fighting to the last man.

Finally in the center of it all, a massive standoff accumulated in the former Potchine Mandate regions between most of our League Navy and the Mole Navy, a standoff that would be violently replaced by the largest battle of the entire battle, and one that will go down in history. Leading the Central Raiders was none other than the Chief Generalissimo himself, who had decided to fight the battle himself, as his entire realm, the one that he built from the ground up after that fateful coup years ago, hinged on this one battle. Before jumping the several tens of UU into the battle zone, he would broadcast his final broadcast to the Supreme League, from his Flagship, the Indefeatible.

"Citizens and residents, sailors and soldiers, admirals and generals, loyal subjects of the Supreme League, this is a very x moment for this great empire that we have forged with our hands. There are enemies at every corner of our galaxy who are jealous of our greatness and wishes to snuff it out, grab it for their greedy little selves. Let us not forget why we were forged in the first place. Now is not the time to accept our fates and just lay down while these dogs step on us! We were made to conquer the stars and that is exactly what we did! We would grow from a little backwater world to a mighty trans-galactic empire within the span of a few mere years. We singled handedly integrated the Machine Empire and the Crystalline Empire, as well as wiping out the final remnants of the Crysto Federation"

"My people, do not let them take away everything that is sacred to us. We have already seen the horrors of what have happened on the frontlines, look at what they did to the Uluru Gamma system, look at the war crimes they have committed against the civilians in the name of "resistance". We will not let that happen to us! Fight! Resist! Never surrender even if the odds are against you! We will do the best we can to hold them off, but i fear the odds are stacked against us. It is up to you, the people to rise up and fight the invaders!"

"I myself will be commanding one of the largest fleets this galaxy has known to battle, in order to defend everything that we had worked for, everything that I have worked for. This may be my final address to you, but don't take it as sadness or weakness, take it as a call to action. As the saying of our National motto goes..."


The Battle

grandebattle2.png (97.53 KiB) Viewed 449 times

Despite the League Navy being outnumbered, outgunned, out-teched and fighting within the enemy's system where they have the home field advantage, they were determined to give it their all and to fight to the end, as they were fighting not for glory, but fighting to defending their homes, their loved ones and most importantly, their empire.

With the League Fleet jumping out from the enter point, it made its way across the system which comprised of a lone planet orbiting a black hole, quite a treacherous battle field for the unprepared. The goal of the assault would have been to deal a crippling blow to the Mole fleets, as well as to deprive the Mole Kingdom of a vital energy production facility, but in reality it would've been unlikely that the goals would be realized, as at this point, the League were operating now obsolete 2nd class battlecruisers.

With the Mole fleet holding their ground and with the range being closed, the gun duels began, with the system being flooded with high power death ray fire as well as dozens upon dozens of fighters and bombers being launched on both sides. Despite losing several smaller ships outright, the Chief Generalissimo pressed the attack, knowing that retreat is no longer an option, even in the face of overwhelming odds, not to mention that the Moles had fielded a beast of very impressive proportions, the infamous White Kraken. As the League Fleet passed by the Mole owned Power Amplifier, a facility that was intended on being kept intact in case the goal was carried out successfully and one that channeled the power of the black hole, a sudden energy burst emitted from the facility. With most of the ships in the blast being caught off guard and without time to adequately angle the shields, they lost power and began drifting into the black hole.

While a few ships including the Flagship, the Indefeatible, managed to regain power and escape the pull of the black hole, most of the other ships were unfortunately pulled in, being stretched to its limits before breaking up, never to be seen again. With most of the League Fleet being wiped out in a single fell swoop, the Moles made their move, charging rapidly at high speed into what remained of the League battle lines to finish off the forces. However, the remaining ships would not give up without a fight, fighting to their absolute limits even as they lost their weapons, resorting to ramming attacks on the enemy. One by one, the League ships fell, being overwhelming, despite inflicting substantial casualties on the Mole Fleet.

Eventually, only the Indefeatible would be left standing. By the grace of the Chief Generalissimo and its crew, they made one final relentless charge into the enemy lines, taking down as many ships as they could. Even as all their weapons got shot out, and even with their reactors failing, they still did not let up. With one final move, they fired their escape pod engines in a way that put them on a collision course with a few mole ships. With the crew chanting the motto, the remaining ship rammed into a few of the mole ships, destroying itself as well as them in the process.

With that, the Final Battle of Nikko Beta had concluded in a crushing defeat for the League Navy. A desperate move against a technological and economical superior realm that was aimed at delaying the inevitable, the battle saw the complete irreversible destruction of the League Navy, as well as the deaths of many admirals, which would include the Chief Generalissimo himself, the late ruler of the Supreme League. With no clear successor being designated, the chain of command is bound to disintegrate as the several sectors that made up the league try to manage their own defense operations. What is not uncertain, however, is that the speech that the late leader gave had a profound impact on the populations, with some of the citizens voiced that they will not surrender, that they were resist, and so will we. This media operation will not run away and flee like what the "Daily Gormoshk" did. We will turn our studio into a mighty fortress and we shall fight to the last man, from the editors to the janitors to even myself.


Re: Tenth game on the multiplayer slow game server

Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 3:18 pm
by o01eg
The game is finished!

Saves from the game: