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Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 3:08 pm
by Hyperant
State Federal Press

So much for that uneasy tension.

Tensions have escalated further when the foot-hand peoples launched a daring assault against our unarmed scout, leading to the destruction of the ship with all hands on deck. Unconfirmed reports suggests that they may have went as far as to firing on escape pods. By the time the Federal Navy moved in, the hostile ships have already evaded the sector, leaving only debris behind.

This latest action comes not very long after comments were made of an uneasy peace, suggesting that the foot-hand peoples may have been intimidated into making such a rash decision.

Whatever the cause may have been, the people have taken to the streets, calling for blood against the xenophobes, for vengeance.

"This is a grave unprovoked tragedy! We, the Lumins, will never forget this unlawful act!", the Enlightened Leader cried out

Whether or not the Federation will officially declare war is unclear at this time.

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:28 am
by Hyperant
State Federal Press


Official Hostilities have broken out with the foot-hand peoples launching the first strike against our frontier regions. Our Starfleet is currently engaged in fierce combat against this hostile Xenophobic menace.

Meanwhile, the people have taken to the streets once more, filled with fanatical fervor against the invaders, largely shouting the following chants

"Expel the xenophobes!"

"Not a inch of space shall be yielded!"

"Glory to the Federation!"

"Freedom! Honor! Service!"

With enlistment in the Space Armed Forces reaching all-time high levels, every person can be expected to participate in the defense of their homelands, fueled by their patriotic fervor.

The war is not yet lost!

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 12:19 am
by Hyperant
Anonymous' Diary

Native of Deneb I

Two months into the occupation

Buildings still lie in ruin after the foot-hand peoples landed their forces on this world, indiscriminately bombarding all areas, with no distinction between military and civilian sectors. The invasion had happened so quickly that there was hardly time to evacuate the planet before the space ports were disabled by raining laser fire from the skies. Our defense garrison were ruthlessly hunted down and killed, even while surrendered.

Life on this planet has only gotten worse as time went on. At first their hideous forces would only merely harass us in the streets, in the cities, but lately it has escalated to random beatings, stabbings and even murders, all for no apparent reason. Its dangerous for us to lurk on the streets, out of fear of being targeted by the garrison simply for our appearance. The local governor of the planet, who had usurped the office from our beloved appointed official, began signing into law edicts that turn us into nothing more than second, or dare i say, even third class citizens.

Just last week, he held a rally, promising better life for all citizens. Hah, ironically he had only allowed his own species to attend the rally, so it comes to no shock when his speech was met with a loud applause.

Every day i pray that the Federation will rescue us. Every day i tune into our interstellar radio transmissions, listening, hoping that one day, the grainy silence will instead be replaced with encrypted messages, which while sounding like nothing special to the average listener, means a lot to us as it indicates that the Federation will be landing on the planet.

I look forward to the day when i can look up to the sky, seeing reflections of light, knowing that those reflections are caused by our glorious Federal forces in orbit instead of the oppressive foot-hand people excuse of a fleet.


--End of log entry--

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 11:20 pm
by swaq
Formicarium Log Cycle 50

It had been forever since we last saw our counterclockwise neighbors, but they have reappeared! A fleet of laser-loving squnails blew threw the immigration checkpoint without so much as declaring if they were transporting fruit. Though apparently their only goal was to loiter in the starlanes. Strange creatures.

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:02 am
by Hyperant
Anonymous' Diary

Native of Deneb I

Two weeks after last entry


That was what i had felt when a pair of Federal warships had appeared in orbit around this planet, shining brightly against the skies, before it began pulsing multiple bright green lights. Bombardment!

For the rest of that day, the pair of ships rained down hell fire similar to what was seen all those months ago, with bright bursts, loud bangs and tremendous shaking being felt all over the planet, although feeling lacking in comparison to what had happened. With each explosion i heard, that was those oppressors being dished their own medicine. Flash, then a bang, any foot-hand people convoy that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time was immediately charred, ionized, and rapidly pressurized, all at the same time. With each explosion, we were one step closer to finally having our planet retaken. With each explosion, that was hope being rained down unto us. With each explosion, i was closer to having my home truly liberated!

When the last explosion was heard, it was time for our uprising to make its move, and so every able man, woman and even younglings, took to the streets with any weapon we had managed to stockpile over the course of the months, striking while the occupiers were distracted.

It was a complete catastrophe.

While the bombardment fire had managed to reduce their infrastructure to complete rubble, their garrison seemed to have survived the bombardment almost intact. That was a soul crushing fact that we found out the hard way when en-route to the planetary capital, marching victoriously to reclaim our planet when dozens upon dozens of our fellow people were almost immediately mowed down by all types of machines, from screaming aerial fighters that strafed the convoy, to infantry fighting vehicles laying down heavy fire, to artillery emplacements reducing our fellow men to limbs.

Meanwhile the Federal fleet in orbit, now reduced to a single ship as the other left the system, being completely unaware of our spontaneous uprising, laid down not a single shot of fire that could've done some serious damage to the garrison now that they were in the open.

Alas, that day, we would lose many, many good men, as the fires of rebellion was immediately stomped out, and with the planetary government cracking down hard with intense reprisals. But despite all of this happening, we had hoped it would soon be over once the Federation was welcomed on the planet after driving out the xenophobes.

Hope, that would soon be replaced by crushing despair.

Two nights ago, i would be awakened by the sound of the door to the dwelling in which i lived in was completely smashed in. Immediately realizing the danger i was in, i rapidly escaped via a secret tunnel system we had used in our uprising, before rising above ground to my horror as i saw that the other occupants, unfortunately, were not as lucky, and were immediately rounded up.

Another reprisal, i had thought, as minute by minute, every other dwelling in the area around me, faced to same fate, break and entry followed by abduction.

This very thought would change in the next few hours, as when i was sneakingly trekking away to evade capture, the skies lit up with dozens, possibly even hundreds of rockets, all going higher and higher into the sky, eventually disappearing from my view. These were no ordinary rockets, for these rockets i saw were absolutely massive and blindingly bright. I had stood in awe, launching the seemingly never ending stream of rockets launch, growing ever brighter and going ever higher before dimming and eventually disappearing into the sky. At that time, i had thought very little of it. The full scale realization of what had happened that night would only be revealed the following morning when i had trekked into a regional capital.

Usually cities are supposed to be full of life, with many peoples in the streets doing all sorts of things, followed by the ever frequent patrols. But this time, it was different, it was quiet, too quiet. There are not a single person in site, the silence being deafening in stark contrast to what was the norm. Even the buildings were abandoned, with not a single soul found within. Even more strange enough, there was also not a single patrol or member of the foreign garrison in sight. Something was definitely wrong, and i needed to find out what had happened.

Unfortunately i would find out almost immediately as i looked up only to see multiple flashes going off in the sky, hundreds of them, like there was a massive space battle above the planet. I stood there pondering what was happening when it struck like an out of control speeder truck. The rocket launches, the sheer number of them and their size, the early morn abductions. That was when it dawned on me. There were people in those rockets! The people that i saw with my own eyes being taken away, they were on those ships! I stood in utter despair and disgust, as i watched hundreds of thousands, even millions of my own people, having their lives cut short in the most horrifying of ways, whereas if the explosion did not kill them, the empty vacuum of space surely will.

That was when i broke down on the spot, collapsing to the ground and wailing uncontrollably as the full extent of what i had just experienced rushed through my head, a fury of mixed emotions, from anger to extreme sadness to emptiness, to guilt of not being onboard those ships, to finally a feeling of blood lust. Those xenophobes! They had dared to take my home, my freedom, my dignity, and now they had taken the last thing i had left, my people! I stopped wailing, and then i stood up, with tears still streaming down my face. From that moment, i would become fixated on one thing and one thing only, to see through the complete extinction of those menaces. They will answer for their crimes! I will not stop after those menaces are removed from this pla-, no, from this galaxy!

With or without the Federation, i have a mission to complete, and the xenophobes will not get in my way!

And there will be nothing that will stop me!

I know what i must do now, and i know just the perfect place to start!

--End of log entry--

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:57 pm
by Ophiuchus
In the next RC hopefully a (maybe too timid) AI fix went in which should prioritize fuel tech a bit more to counter fuel efficiency a bit. Are you playing against AI in this multiplayer game as well or only against players?

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:21 pm
by swaq
Ophiuchus wrote: Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:57 pm In the next RC hopefully a (maybe too timid) AI fix went in which should prioritize fuel tech a bit more to counter fuel efficiency a bit. Are you playing against AI in this multiplayer game as well or only against players?
Players only in this game.

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:56 pm
by Oberlus
Turn 58.

There's been a lot of pew and pow and zonk and bam and swoosh and zhank and... (the rest are all here). We got really scared but looks like the blue ants got the worse part. They can keep the other planet we took earlier (at least for now), we are taking this other one that is bigger and brimming with ants to reeducate.

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:33 am
by Hyperant
State Federal Press

The Offensive Begins

Several months after the foot-hand people has assaulted our frontier planet, we have managed to recapture our planet, which had seen enormous economical damage from the war along with the genocide of most of its population, committed by the evil menace.

Approved by the council as well as members of the High Starfleet Command, the Federation has began to go on the offensive, winning several key battles. It seems the empire we are fighting as elected to commit to a scorched earth policy if control over contested systems is heavily against their favor, bombing and dismantling their own infrastructure. The latest actions from the Starfleet Command has seen several hostile planets being assaulted by our ground forces. Preliminary after actions reports from one of the contested planets suggests that fighting is particularly heavy, with entire population centers being leveled as the defenders entrenched themselves. The AAR's also suggestions a grim policy and a new insight into how the foreign empire operations, with unconfirmed reports of industrial centers crewed by enslaved foot-hand peoples. It seems even some of their own people can not escape extermination, especially by their own government.

This only shows that the empire we are currently at war with must be toppled, in order to preserve the rights of those who inhabit this galaxy.

For the Federation!

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 6:47 am
by Oberlus
A nice goal for our far away neighbours: Kill the foot-hand people while we liberate the blue ants. It must be the influence of those hatred foot-hand people what makes them so scary.
What we, the Herd, don't understand is why the allies of this green people, the floating snails, destroyed one of our adventurous scouts. It's hard to find someone willing to explore the unknown, even harder when the unknown is definitively controlled by violent, blood-thirsty floating snails that break peace without a warning to kill poor boy scouts. Well, so much for a nice cooperation, and now we fully approve the necessary military campaign that our gentle allies, the orange ants, are conducting against the floating snails.

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:44 am
by Oberlus
Oh, I'd wish I could see all the battles going on right now. I can only see the fronts o01eg-Oberlus and JonCST-swaq.
Wait, that means I'm only missing Hyperant-L29Ah :lol:
Anyway, do you care to elaborate on de matter?

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 2:12 am
by Hyperant
Anonymous' War Journal

Native of Deneb I, Federal Trooper

Two weeks into the Invasion of Ileenium I

Brutal and Fierce Combat

That was what we had experienced the moment our troop transport smashed into the surface and we poured out onto the fields where they were waiting for us. While we had advanced battlefield weapons, they had numbers, lots of them. For every mile of ground we would gain, they would throw walls of troopers into our lines, and every time, they would be cut down but not before inflicting large numbers of casualties on our unit.

This was a stark contrast from when i was alone on my Homeworld Deneb I, where after witnessing the genocide of my people, i had decided to make life painful for any foot-hand people that remained. Hit and run, one of my most used tactics i enjoyed using, was utterly useless when we are on the offensive, capturing population center after population center, with every capture being borderline Pyrrhic victories, as the enemy would indiscriminately bombard and practically level their own cities. Five days ago we had taken the second most populous and economically prosperous city on the planet, Cyptrous, only for it to be quickly reduced to useless barren wasteland as their forces used high-yield weapons on the city as they were pushed out. Not that i minded, as i had held true to my personal mission, the complete destruction of their people, for the greater good of the galaxy, but i suppose it was wasted economic potential that could've went towards the Federation.

On the final push to the planetary capital and final stronghold of resistance, we pushed hard and we pushed fast, as by this point, their ground military has been attritioned to the point of near complete ineffectiveness. But while their official military was no longer a threat, there was still armed civilian resistance. The battle for the capital was absolutely brutal, and quite possibly where i saw the heaviest fighting of the campaign, as these people were fighting for their planet. How unfortunate, as we smashed through the city, block by block, building by building, room by room. Resistance would only falter when we had encircled the capital, by which the unthinkable happened. The civilian foot-hand peoples, they laid down their weapons, and surrendered. With that, the campaign on Ileenium I had come to an end. We had finally captured one of the menace's planets. This had come at a very steep cost, however, as we had lost a lot of good men during the two week long campaign. The unit i was attached to, the 362th Shock Battalion, saw casualties of up to 94% of our total strength.

There was one disturbing discovery i had made when i was out on the first of many patrols on the recently conquered world. It had happened yesterday on an overcast sky while we were out patrolling a nearby sector, when we would come across a pair of foot-hand stragglers. I immediately raised my battle rifle, ready to pacify the perceived threat, only relenting when my superior ordered us to hold fire. The stragglers simply pointed their hands towards a distant smoke plume, before resuming their slow and unsteady walk. It was then that i noticed that it appeared that they were on the brink of starvation.

We discussed for a moment between our small unit on the next course of action, before electing to investigate the site. And so we rood for a good half hour before arriving to what appeared to be a massive industrial center that now appears derelict. As we moved out, the true horrors of this strange site would eventually reveal themselves in one way or another. The interior of this complex was incredibly depressing, and that meant a lot as we were battle hardened troopers, who has seen our own comrades blown to nothing but limbs and dust. I do not fully know what i experienced that day, as it was all so strange, so depressing, it was like the layout of the complex was shaped in such a way that just broke down all kinds of hope, or perhaps there was some kind of drug in the air of the complex that did that weird things to us.

Next, we moved into a chamber that to this day gives me nightmares.

Hundreds upon hundreds of these foot-hand peoples, chained together in all but the most horrifying conditions, appearing outright skeletal in nature, the sight, the smell, the sounds of despair was just too great and i almost immediately backed out of the chamber, unable to stand what i was witnessing. I hastily rushed to locate the control room which was abandoned, and released all the locks, all the doors, anything to stop this madness from continuing.

I still reflect on that day, as normally i would have been fine, glad even, to witness those menaces suffering in the same way, if not worse, that I had experienced back on Deneb I. Was it the thought that their empire would go to such lengths as to subject their own people to such conditions? Was it at the end of the day, basic empathy taking over that day? I still struggle with this question, but what does remain unchanged is that their empire is the very definition of evil, a threat to all life in this galaxy. I ponder at this thought, how many beings did those evils eliminate on this planet, with the bombings of their population centers, fierce civil resistance, and now even containment camps?

Was this the reason those people back on the capital did the unthinkable action of surrendering?

I need time, time to process what really happened when i was in that complex.

However it seems that would have to wait for another day, as I was being reassigned to another campaign elsewhere in the galaxy, once more to a shock trooper battalion.

The galaxy is a cruel and harsh place.

--End Log Entry--

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 4:05 am
by swaq
Formicarium Log Cycle 60

There are still many unproductive planets in our arc of the galaxy but eviction of the trespassing squnails takes priority. Don't get between a hungry ant and his sand. What lies deeper around the galaxy? We must live through today first to find out. Attempts to gather intelligence are met with sly deflection. Some serious hermits out there, probably.

The squnails appear to be lacking consistent leadership. While we appreciate a little anarchy ourselves it seems they occasionally go whole cycles without any orders from their government. They must greatly value individuality and personal initiative.

An experiment with harnessing the energy of a star produced lackluster results, yielding only half as much power as the research hypothesized. Understanding the difference between theory and reality is not our researchers' strong suit. We were just about to shrug and say "eh, good enough" when a scientist from our clockwise allies sent us a message regarding the installation. Turns out there was a simple solution that we overlooked but now we have to build a whole new generator and obsolete the prototype. Science is hard.

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:56 pm
by swaq
There may be a bug in displaying Ion Storms. I'm seeing two Ion Storms but Oberlus says he only sees one in the same location. And there is an "Unknown" -40 stealth for the planets affected by the one I can see and he can't (so as if that ion storm doesn't actually exist). Screenshot:
ionstorm-weird.png (220.71 KiB) Viewed 684 times

Re: Seventh game on the multiplayer slow game server (0.4.9)

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 2:10 pm
by Oberlus
I can only see the south storm.
I'll attach to this post my screenshot later (AFK).