Occasional method for Experimentor system

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Occasional method for Experimentor system

#1 Post by defaultuser » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:53 am

This mainly for newer players, as I'm sure experienced players have worked this out.

Sometimes when you find that the unconnected system that lets you know the Experimentors in are in the vicinity, you will be an alternate way to handle them. This works when there are one or more additional planets in the system. Here's what you need to make use of that:

1. Research Gravitonics and Stargate.
2. Occupy a nearby system.
3. Build a colony ship with a species compatible with a planet. The closer the fit the better, and an industrial species is best. Remember that the world will mostly be cut off, so growth specials won't work although growth tech will.

Now build a starlane bore (depending on configuration and how close you are, maybe more that one). Send the colony ship through, colonize, set the focus to industry, and begin building the stargate.

It will take quite a while to finish, so you want to get going as soon as you can. If the monsters start spawning, they'll kill the population and render the stargate inoperative. When the gate is complete, I start building comsats with the excess production.

Marshall the forces and when that gate is close build another gate wherever handy. Send in the forces and proceed as usual. You can keep sending more in as they build if you like.

Here's a shot from a recent game where I was able to use this technique:
FOE.jpg (113.35 KiB) Viewed 10483 times

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