FreeOrion 0.2 Released!

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FreeOrion 0.2 Released!

#1 Post by Tyreth »


Just under five months after the release of FreeOrion 0.1 we are pleased to announce FreeOrion 0.2. This release includes:
* Numerous bug fixes
* Starlanes
* Exploration
* Galaxy generation based on text files
* Enhanced System View
* Planet View
* Focus system
* Planet Environments
* Numerous smaller feature enhancements

This milestone brings a much more playable version of FreeOrion to you, with the foundations of important components that will be used extensively in future versions. AI is still lacking from the game, but multiplayer is available as it was in 0.1. The specifications for 0.2 are listed here: ... quirements

You can download FreeOrion 0.2 with either the source or precompiled from here: ... p_id=75752

Construction on 0.3 will begin immediately, with the design document for 0.3
being announced soon after this release, both on and also on the announcements mailing list: ... quirements

As the roadmap notes, 0.3 will include buildings, secret projects/wonders, and the foundations of the tech tree. v0.3 will be a significant milestone, also including the announcement of our project to the wider world. As such, this release will need to be very polished and playable. The introduction of buildings and research will also add a greater dimension to the game. This means that we would appreciate again if you did not spread news of this release far, and don't submit it to news websites, as we requested with 0.1. We appreciate your discretion, and invite you to enjoy this newest release.

The FreeOrion community has continued to grow since the 0.1 release, with valuable input from a variety of people in all areas of the game's production. Since the last release we have moved to a new website and put up a wiki:

You can help continue the development of FreeOrion through various ways:
* Programming
* Art
* Music/sounds
* Game Design
* Bug testing

When you report bugs you find in 0.2, please remember that there are three different categories, each with their own place for submitting:
* bugs - these are glitches, crashes, inaccuracies, etc, which are obviously not the way we intended the code to be: ... tid=544942
* feature requests - these are improvements to the UI (eg, turn button should be bigger) and other related enhancements (eg, add autosave to options menu). Please use the feature request page to add these: ... unc=browse
* game changes - the game design work is done on our forums, and that is the appropriate place for you to take an active part in the development of the game design
Also important, when you post a bug/feature request, please be sure to check existing and fixed bugs/feature requests to make sure you are not submitting a duplicate. This saves us time leaving more for developing the game. Also include the save game files when reporting a problem, and include it in zip format (gz, tar.gz, etc, are unacceptable).

A huge thanks to all the wonderful people that have helped make this project possible. We have a great codebase, art assets, music and more. We have great contributers with intelligent people working to make this game great. With the talent we have working on this project now, this project has a great potential to become one of the greatest strategy games. Let's continue to work on the next version to make this a complete, fully playable game that we all want to see.
And a special thanks to Samuel Knowlton (Aquitaine), Zach Laine (Tzlaine), Anton Ruonala (Miu) and Kenneth Welch (LithiumMongoose) for their work managing the various teams that make up this project.

Mark Saward (Tyreth), and the FreeOrion team
July, 2004

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#2 Post by pd »

yay, the next step is done! let me be the first to say, thats a real pleasure to work for this project, with so many talented, motivated and hard working people.

now let me check this baby out ;)

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#3 Post by Zanzibar »

about damn time... *grumbles* (just kidding guys... great work!!) :D :) :D


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#4 Post by utilae »

It seems like yesterday that we released V0.1

No really was it yesterday?

Great, awesome, we get closer to the good stuff:

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#5 Post by Aquitaine »

I only had about an hour to poke around, but v0.2 is amazingly well-put-together and cohesive. Congratulations to everyone who has worked on this project!

(I'm out of town from Thursday until next Monday -- expect some stuff regarding content submissions after that!)
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#6 Post by PowerCrazy »


I am ecstatic, Only a few more versions and we can get /. :)
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