The Flagship of the organic line

Creation, discussion, and balancing of game content such as techs, buildings, ship parts.

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The Flagship of the organic line

#1 Post by Sloth »

It has been mentioned here and there and maybe ideas have been posted already (by Matt and me), but since i can't really find them, i guess it's a good idea to start collecting them, where they can be found in the future.

Disclaimer: This is a long term project, this can be considered the brain storm phase. Don't expect this to be finished before next summer.

Solid ideas:
- the ship is unique (meaning limited to 1 per empire). Possible names: Overlord or Queen.
- the ship boosts your other organic ships and space monsters (all of them, not restricted by range or supply connection).
- It growth (like other organic ships), but not necessarily restricted to structure.

Vague ideas:
- the ship design is mostly fixed and not dependend on ship part technologies. Maybe just one or a few slots?
- the ship gets a boost for each type of monster nest you control.
- the ship fights well against lots of small ships (has fighters or a mine effect).
- there are additional techs that boost just this ship.
- produces research points.
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Re: The Flagship of the organic line

#2 Post by AndrewW »

- Monsters treat the ship as a mother. (Can control them)

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