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FreeOrion Is Going Linux-Only (prank)

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 12:51 pm
by tzlaine
I have had consistent problems getting Windows versions of FreeOrion to work. In my professional life, I never, ever develop for Windows. This means I'm largely ignorant of the details related to Windows programming, like making installers, putting the right Microsoft runtime DLLs in the installer, etc. So, I'm giving up. If someone else wants to take over maintaining the Windows versions of FO in future, I won't stand in their way. I'm just not going to do it. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone. Actually, no I'm not.

Re: FreeOrion Is Going Linux-Only

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 1:50 am
by tzlaine
Obviously, this was an April Fools prank. Windows support is only deprecated, not removed. ;)