MOD Music

Samples of sound/music, ideas or suggestions related to the development of audio assets for FreeOrion.
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MOD Music

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Ah... the old days. Do you remember MOD music (.mod, .xm, .it and many other formats)? I think it's worth trying to implement such music into the game. Unreal Tournament had it's whole soundtrack in modules. The MOD music has very good quality if properly made, but it also can have an oldschool feel (something very important for a spiritual succesor of MoO). The best thing about having the soundtrack of the game in such format is:
- It's takes less space than mp3 (let's face it. Even today when most people have almost unlimited acces to the net, nobody likes a big download)
- There are many talented artists who would be more than happy to contribute for free
- The oldschool feel
- A way to speed up development (Inviting artists with different tracking styles to make music for different races)

I had very little succes in even basic tracking - I prefer listening to MOD's than making them (Milky Play for Windows Mobile is one of the best free applications to play MODs on a mobile phone. I use it all the tame) and it's great music!

Here's an example of a space tunes (dowload is legal and free. The are just examples of what MOD music can do): ... uery=52867 ... uery=72628 ... ery=120109

Take a look on the whole MOD Archive Website:

If any of the devs (now or in the future) liked the idea of implementing MOD music in FO it would be no problem to conatact somebody from the MOD Archive and ask for help in making a few tracks for the project. The example shown in this topic is probably not the best that could be found. I usually listen to chiptunes so I encourage you to serach the MOD Archive and you probably will find something better (and could contact the artist).

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Re: MOD Music

#2 Post by Gen_ »

I love chiptunes, but using a mod format just doesn't seem like the best option. Couldn't we just convert the MOD files into Ogg/Wav and save the programmers here the hassle of building a MIDI tracker and sample engine, especially considering that the peak achievable quality would be much much worse without adding yet another engine for effects, basically making a playback engine with nearly as much code as the rest of the entire project.

That is, unless you have an actual Creative Commons mod engine on standby and just want it connected plugin-style, then I think the devs here might take an interest. It all depends on the amount of lines of code it would take.

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