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'Job Hunting', as it were. :)

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:36 pm
by Illarane

I'm on a music composition degree and want to put the music I'm writing to some good use. I like this game a lot, and am just wondering if anything I write could be of any use in the soundtrack. I've tagged on a couple of pieces as examples of the style I write best in and any opinion is appreciated as long as it's constructive. :p

So yeah, anyway... Musician not novelist so I'm going to stop typing now. :p

These are all different versions and mixes of the same piece.
Full length version
60 second version 1
60 second version 2


Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 2:36 am
by LithiumMongoose
Like the Full Version one a lot. Reminds me of Gradius a bit. Would probably be a combat track, definitely think we can use it. :) And cheers for all the old-school synths in here, take this all you people who hate MIDI-sounding stuff lol.

I am kinda bleh on the Mixdown A version to be honest, though it isn't bad. The strings could really stand to be more realistic here.

LOVE the Mixdown C version. Best of the bunch, fantastic ambience. Would love to see a (greatly) expanded version of this so we can use it as a galaxy map track.

I'm sure the others will have different impressions, but there ya go. Welcome to the project btw, and don't forget to leave your own feedback on our compositions. ;)

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 1:16 am
by Illarane
Ugh, taken me long enough to get back on here, hehehe. Ah, the joys of coursework... >.<

Glad you liked. I have flu (actual flu, as opposed to man-flu) at the moment, so can't really be bothered to type much more than this, so bleh. :p

Those three tracks were originally for another game's soundtrack, then they became pieces of coursework, and then I wondered if they could actually be used anywhere since the original game fell through faster than you can say "steinway D through a cardboard ceiling"... So yeah.