Space - Glory Through Conquest

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Space - Glory Through Conquest

#1 Post by veantur » Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:54 pm

im following free orion for a long time
but i registered here on the forums to share a link that i found again after three years ;)

its a moo like 2d browser game
and its old
the graphics arent very good but the game itself is bombastic
space have all u know from moo like games
diffirent races, research, diplomacy, fleetbuilding, colonization and extermination
u play in galaxies that are filled at start with 200 players(im not 100% sure maybe some more or less)
and 1500 systems to colonize/conquer
a game last up to a month and at the end the biggest/strongest ally(max 4 players per ally) win the galaxy

i just signed in gal 127 that is filled up and maybe i will met one or two of u ingame as friend or foe ;)

and u dont need to buy any ingame stuff to be competent to play it

hers the link

sorry for my bad english ;)

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