[Despaired]The search for a Space Empire V like

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[Despaired]The search for a Space Empire V like

#1 Post by Vampyre » Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:12 am

Hi guys !

To be honest, I wanted to tell that it's quite a good month now I'm searching for a good, deep, slow, (add here upon your likings) at least strategy game, or even better a 4X... native on the mac...

Yeah, I know, not easy... That's why I'm requesting your assistance. I'm coming short of ideas of what to type in google... So, for the courageous ones, here is the story...

Long ago (very long ago should I say), I discovered a small pc game, unknown... Imperium Galactica. I loved it, and bought Imperium Galactica 2 as well. I was scotched by the game... I wanted some more. So I started to play everything that crossed my path. IG 1 and 2, Master of Orion, Nexus the jupiter incident, Starlords, Sins of a solar empire, X3, Space Empire 4 and 5, Lost Empire, and maybe some others...

Last year, my pc died. I'm a big player, but I wanted a mac for my daughter's works (she is in an art school). I bought an iMac beginning of this year, and I knew I wouldn't play much on it...

I tried installing bootcamp anyway, but desinstalled it quite fast... Dual boot is not for me : that's annoying, especially if you forget to do something, like sending a mail, and you're good to reboot everytime... So I dropped it, and don't want it anymore.

Due to security problems with Windows, I don't want it installed on the mac at all... So no virtualisation.

So I searched for other software like Wine, or Crossover Games Mac. No luck, all the mentionned games here before are not working with crossover (only SE4, with music off, but after having played SE5, i'm not sure I can play it again without feeling frustrated).

The last option possible is to find some games native on mac !

I discovered basically some very good games, most of them from the indie community... Here are some that I found and tested :
- Gratuitous Space Battles : good game, but not a 4X at all...
- AI War Fleet Command : not very nice looky, but gameplay and deepness just make forget about the graphics after a few minutes. The game unfortunately crashes every hour on my mac.
- Spaceward ho! : weird game. it's like master of orion, with toon graphics, and some weird gameplay. I can't dive into that one.
- X3 Reunion : I had the previous version which was very buggy and crashed all the time. I yesterday noticed that had re-released a new build, and not just a cider port. I hope getting my copy updated when I get back home later today. (i have to contact people, send my actual key, and they send me the new port for free with again another key. wonder how long it will last)
- X3 TC : excellent as well, more action packed, but still buggy. Definitely thinks Cider is there for something.
- Gemini Wars : ouch, not release yet, and even not publicly announced. shhhhhhh !

I also hate browser games...

Is it any chance that you guys know some good game that genre, and who run on mac os x ?

Thanks a lot for helping !

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Re: [Despaired]The search for a Space Empire V like

#2 Post by Zanzibar » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:33 pm

I would suggest Sword of the Stars... I think a few people have gotten it to succesfully run using Wine... check the wiki :)

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Re: [Despaired]The search for a Space Empire V like

#3 Post by Vampyre » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:48 pm


Yes, I had it checked, but it wasn't ported to the mac, so I was disappointed, and didn't searched further...

I'll have a deeper look at it... Thanks for the info...

If anyone else have other ideas or experience using some games this genre feel free to do it !

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