Moo2 vs Moo1

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Re: Moo2 vs Moo1

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@KurtGodel7: very nice posting and summary / comaprison of both games. The change in gameplay is typical for modern(er) games. Often, games get more complicated instead of getting complex :-)

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Re: Moo2 vs Moo1

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Thread necromancy.

I got my hands on Moo1 and Moo2. I like Moo1 and the fact that it forces me to explore and colonize slowly. I also like the huge galaxy. I hate the sliders. In Moo2, there is the custom race creation and more stuff to build and more ships to design. However, there's less stars in a huge galaxy, or at least it seems so to me.

Thinking of looking for Moo3, for comparison...

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Re: Moo2 vs Moo1

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Zireael wrote:Thread necromancy.
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